Thirty years ago, we came to America for a better life.  We were so westernized that we did not want to speak Farsi, we ignored our religious practices and responsibilities.  We wanted to become American like 4th of July and apple pie.  Soon we found out that our American Jewish and Christian friends kept their religious practices and we were the only one as a Muslim community who were lost in this society.  Our children grew up in this filthy society of drugs, alcohol and divorce.  When we look around, most Iranian Muslim families are devastated by these calamities.  Divorce has burned its mark on most families.  Tobacco, alcohol and drugs have devastated our community.  Now we must do something for our future generation. 


Our suggestion 10 years ago for families who had children 5-15 years old was to get together and have monthly Islamic gatherings with prayer and Islamic discussion.  This way, the children and families would grow up together, create a positive peer pressure for our children to stay in the right path and have good Muslim friends that they can rely on.


Our suggestion now for families who have youngsters ages 15-25 years is  to get together once a month with all the youth and parents, have Islamic discussions with social and political issues added for more flavor.  Our efforts should be toward saving our youth from marrying outside Islam.  There is nothing wrong with non-Muslim friends, but your close friends should be Muslim only so you can find a good husband or wife in that group. 


Why my best friend cannot be a non-Muslim?  As a Muslim girl, you can only marry a Muslim boy.  Otherwise, your marriage is  not accepted and you are living in sin.  We like Jews and Christians and respect them very much, but we cannot be close friends with them because in their parties, they can and will serve wine and beer, and have dancing, which is Haram for Muslims.


We are sure our Jewish rabbi friends and Christian priests have similar recommendations for their young boys and girls too.  You may love  a Jewish boy and you may marry him if he becomes Muslim.  However, if later on he changes his mind and anytime he goes out of Islam, your marriage is null and void, and then what happens to your children?   What religion are they going to have? 


To eliminate so much family problems, we must take the following steps:


1.            Locate 10-15 Muslim families who have children ages 12-25.

2.            Get together once a month in an Islamic atmosphere, no wild music or dancing (Harm in Islam).  Traditional or classical music is okay.

3.            Have round table discussions, presentations on various topics like social, political, religious, and current events can be discussed. 

4.            These gatherings could be in people’s homes as Doreh or in various community centers.  Food must be potluck form where every family brings his own food or cater at $10 per person.


The purpose is to create a nice, clean, Islamic environment that our youth can meet each other, find their best friend, and make their future together.


Please give us your feedback.  We need your moral support.