Allah (SWT) created human beings from dust and then blew his spirit into him.Therefore, human beings are made of bad and good.Throughout your life, you will struggle on this field like a pendulum going from good to evil and back.When God enters your life like a light, your life becomes bright and your actions become Godly and good.When God comes out of your life, is like a light leaving your life and darkness is the result.In darkness, the devil is the ruler.The devil encourages you to do evil deeds and scares you from poverty.Allah (SWT) helps you to do good deeds and He is the best provider.The devil encourages you to follow the rule of ďif it feels good and gives you pleasure, do it and do not worry about the consequences.ĒFor example, the devil tells you to smoke cigarettes if you want to and do not worry about addiction, getting lung disease and cancer later on.Drink wine or beer if you want to and do not worry about liver disease, alcoholism, drunk driving and killing someone or yourself.When you bring God into your life like a bright light, darkness disappears.†† You become a role model; you become Godís representative on earth.Your goal changes to be good and succeed in this life and go to heaven in the life after death.


When the light of God is in your life, smoking is no longer desirable because it is Haram and also hurts you and the people around you.Allah (SWT) will give you strength to fight against tobacco, alcohol, gambling, nudity, and prostitution.Allah (SWT) will give you strength to become a role model and care about what is going on around you.The devil tells you it is none of your business what other people do, just mind your own business and enjoy yourself.Life is too short, but Allah (SWT) says that you are Godís representative (Khalifato Allah).This world is like a small bubble; if someone smokes, everyone will get sick.If someone drinks alcohol, that will hurt everyone.If someone sells drugs and alcohol to someone elseís children, eventually it will hurt your children too.If you date and dishonor someone elseís sister, eventually somebody will date and dishonor your sister too.Shaytanís standard for your life is pain and pleasure.If it hurts, do not do it and if it gives you pleasure, do it.There is no right or wrong.


Allah (SWT) gives you a complete book of guidance (Quran), Godís answer to all your questions for a successful life.You can bring the light of God to your life by remembering God all the time, praying 5 times a day, and reading the Quran.Illuminate your life with Godís light and the darkness of the devil will leave you alone.Surround yourself with Godly things and Godly friends. Pay charity on a daily basis.Even a penny a day will develop your character and you become a charitable, Godly person.


While respect to parents is most important in Islam, you are Godís servant on earth and you are individually responsible for what you do.Please do not hesitate to remind your family what is Godly and right, and what is not.If Shaytan enters your home through tobacco, alcohol, gambling, nudity, etc., eventually it will destroy everyone in your family. Shaytan has millions of years of experience and no one yet has succeeded in running away from his grip except by the light of Allah (SWT).A lot of times you are tempted to dance with Shaytan and say, ďI will not get addicted to tobacco, alcohol, gambling or drugs.You say that you can quit anytime, you are in control and you want to change the Shaytan, but sooner or later, Shaytan will change you.He has always been successful in the past.Your only chance is running toward God.


Bringing Shaytan to your home through tobacco, drugs, alcohol, gambling and nudity is like bringing 5 baby wolves to your home.At the beginning, they may be fun to play with, but sooner or later, when they grow up they will tear your family apart.It will be very difficult for you to get rid of them and slowly you begin to like them too.Struggle with addiction is worse than fighting with a wolf in your home.


Dear Sisters:Please do not wear fancy expensive clothing and do not use heavy make up.Do not become a moving target for Shaytan and his friends (gigolos, drug dealers and pimps).Please do not drive expensive cars.Before the age of 30, your car should not be more than $10,000.


Individually, try to be modest.Use ďAllahísĒ name on all your books and papers.Constantly mention Godís name and thank him for what you have; your health, your family, a good mind, your freedom, etc.Your car and home should have Godís name all over it to constantly remind you and give you the light of guidance to the right path.


Dear Brothers & Sisters:


Letís review some special problems that you will be facing from age 10 to 20:


Age 10-15: Your body is changing.Your hormonal system is changing.You are growing up and you want to grow up faster than your natural speed.Your psychological make-up is changing; your schoolwork is heavy, you are facing serious challenges at school and home.You will have a lot of temptations from Shaytan to try tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gambling, nudity, etc.Only Allah (SWT) will help you and give you strength to resist these temptations of Shaytan through your bad friends.At this age, try to study hard, read a lot about Islam, have a lot of Muslim friends, go to various Islamic centers and stay away from Shaytan as long as you can.


Age 15-20: Your body and mind has changed and you are an adult now.We hope you have been able to defeat Shaytan and get to this age without serious addictions to tobacco, alcohol, gambling or drugs.We hope you are getting good grades and ready to go to college.At this age group, dating sexual contact, dancing, pre-martial sex, abortion, sexually transmitted disease, AIDS, eating disorders, depression and suicide are your major challenges.Shaytan will tempt you to date by his usual approach that it is okay to date, just to hold hands, just an innocent dance, just a glass of wine, just a cigarette to show that you are grown up and mature, just a simple kiss, you can control the situation and nobody will ever find out.What a BIG mistake.These days at teenage parties, sometimes one may find a glass of soda tainted with a special drug that after one sip, the girl passes out and cannot resist a bunch of gangs invading her, hurting her, giving her sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS and pregnancy, all at the same time.†† Please do not go to any parties without your parents.


Depression and Eating Disorders: When God leaves oneís life and there is no light, darkness sets in and Shaytan takes over.Without God, one feels empty, small, and unable to cope with the pressures of growing up in this big world, especially if you are 15 years old and come from a broken family without enough moral support.You feel small, depressed with low self-esteem and low self worth.Depression causes eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, overeating, morbid obesity) at this age.The solution, in addition to seeking professional help, is running toward God.Try to get the superpower on your side then you feel great and Godly.Living then becomes a blessing, depression goes away and you and your God are in command.Please try it.At this age, depression can also cause alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.The teenage suicide rate is very high due to depression, lack of self-esteem or self worth.