Our Sister Sadie Khan writes:


Thank you. My name is Sadie Khan. In addition to be on the Board at our center, I also represent women at the Shura Council of Southern California. I would like to have a Muslim Women's day, perhaps in March, maybe a Family Picnic. Any suggestions? Thank you. Sadie.


Fatima from ICBH writes:


Thank you for your suggestion to have a Muslim Women's Day in America. As we say, better late than never. Our suggestions are:


1 - Muslim Women's Day in America should be held in March 21 (First Day of Spring). Spring is the Mother of all Blossoms and Flowers when Earth is revived again every year in this day. This is the best day to honor our Mothers, Sisters and Daughters as Muslim Women's Day in America.


2 - Organizers: Two ladies from each Islamic center. One young lady under age 30, very educated (Doctor or Lawyer) and a Mother over age 40 to represent all generations, cultures, races and nationalities. Time: 3rd Sunday in March of each year. All over America.


3 - Location: Cheviot Hill Park in West L.A. or Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills. I can assure you all newspapers will be there. This is good for our reputation in America.


4 - Food: Potluck. Every Family brings own Halal Food.


5 - Start at 10AM, with Zohr and Asr Prayer at 1PM, men on left side, women on right side (side by side) instead of men in front and women in the back. Start by short lecture by a Woman Imam, prayer led by Woman Imam standing in front of women's side. If you could not convince your older brothers, then lecture by a woman, then prayer led by a man standing in front of men's side. Then Lunch at 2PM.


6 - 3-4PM: Youth Introduction. 20 Young Professional Men and Women come up and introduce themselves. Tell us about their work and their dream for Muslim Community in America. Each one 1-3 minutes.


7 - Birthday Celebration for those who have been born in March.


8 - Anniversary Celebration for people who have been married for 20 years and more and present their secret for their success in marriage.


9 - Music from various nations are welcomed, but NO DANCING PLEASE.


10 - Lots of Flags of "God is Great", "We Love Mohammad, Prophet of God" and "We are Proud to be American Muslims" and American Flag. All Flags in English please. We are American Muslims. Our official language that connects us together is English.


Please reply.