Historical Lesson

When the U.S. cut and ran from South Vietnam, the American-supported government fell and South Vietnam became part of the communist North Vietnam. American interest in Southeast Asia was not important. So, America ignored Vietnam for the last 30 years. Eventually, Communism and Soviet Union fell apart because they could not financially compete with Western military power. It was then that America became the World Leader.


In Iraq

If we cut and run from Iraq today, in northern Iraq, the Sunni Kurds would rise up, declaring an independent Kurdistan. The Sunni Arab terrorists will rise and take over the area in the middle of Iraq (the Sunni triangle). Since the Sunni Arab terrorists and Bin Laden supporters are the same ethnically and ideologically, they can take over Fallujah and Baghdad. In southern Iraq, Shia terrorists like Moqtada Sadr will rise up, taking advantage of the fact that Ayatullah Sistani supporters are moderate, civil and not able to compete with terrorists and dictators. Eventually, Bin Laden and other terrorists like him will take over Iraq. With Syria already hostile against the U.S., it would not be a long time before the governments of Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and the Gulf Nations would support terrorists as well because if U.S. cannot fight terrorists how can they fight the terrorists. Pakistan led by President Musharaf, with atomic power, has the potential to join the terrorists because of internal pressure. It would be then that all the liberals in the U.S. and Western Europe would face an offer of $100/barrel for oil ($10/gallon for gasoline). The Western economy would collapse, bringing high unemployment and long gas-lines that would lead to civil war, causing a repeat of the L.A. and Watts riots, but a 100 times worse. Eventually, terrorists would attack Israel. And, at that time, the U.S. would have no choice but to attack Iraq again and possibly Pakistan, leading to a highly possible nuclear war with a nuclear Middle East.


If we stay the course in Iraq, a Democratic Iraq will bring Democracy and human rights to the Middle East. Eventually, the terrorists in Iraq will give up and move to another area like Syria, Jordan or Lebanon. After a few years, Democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan will reform the Middle East. Hopefully, by then, America will encourage Egypt to become Democratic. Egypt needs to have elections for Congress. They need to elect a Prime Minister. After 25 years of leadership, Mr. Hosni Mubarak should resign or if he would like to become king, he should declare that so Egypt could take steps to become a Constitutional Monarchy like England. In Saudi Arabia, we must encourage King Fahad to promote Democracy, human rights and women's rights. They must have elections to choose a Prime Minister so they could become a Constitutional Monarchy like England. We cannot promote true Democracy in the Middle East while our friends like Mubarak, Fahad and Musharaf are dictators (although benign dictators). For the sake of stability in the Middle East, we must stay the course in Iraq and Afghanistan to encourage a Democratic movement in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan. The best of people that can speak out for Democracy in the Muslim countries are American Muslims who are enjoying the fruits of Democracy in the West.


Historical Lesson from Turkey

In 1920, the Ottoman Empire was defeated and Greater Turkey was divided into 17 countries. Current Turkey was under military dictatorship for many years in the last 20 years. Slowly, Turkey became more democratic because they wanted to join the European Union (E.U.). Now it has become an example of how an Islamic Democracy should be. In addition to being Democratic, in her last election, an Islamic party won, electing a President that is a practicing Muslim. This is a model that we should look for in Iraq and Afghanistan, and, eventually, all over the Middle East.


How Do We Promote Democracy in the World

In addition to President Bush and the U.S., NATO, E.U., and, eventually, U.N. must promote Democracy. Leaders who are not elected by their people must be expelled from the U.N. and be isolated in the world. U.N. must be a place for fairly elected leaders, not the tyrants, murderers and dictators, like former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic and former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Only at that time freedom will ring all over the world.


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