Arabs during Jahelieh (before Islam) used to bury their daughters alive. Even Omar (Second Caliph) killed one of his newborn daughters before he became Muslim. Quran points out that Arabs hated to have daughters. They turned blue when they heard that they had gotten a daughter. Arabs took pride in having a son and said that Angels were God's daughters.


Even now, in Saudi Arabia, women cannot drive a car and women are not allowed to eat in restaurant with their male family members. Women cannot vote and Saudis think these are Islamic laws. This is just a Wahabi prejudice against women. These harsh measures against women are seen in Pakistan too. In most family gatherings, men eat first, and if there is any food left, then female guests are allowed to eat. In Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, men decide for women what they should or should not wear. For them, women's clothing is very important. But, the men can wear whatever they want. This is Male Chauvinism, not Islam.


Therefore, it is not unexpected that these Wahabis violently came against Female Imam. Wahabis say women must wear Hijab (head cover) because Quran said that. But when Rasool (PBUH) said men must have Kufi (head cover) and full beard, Wahabis say it is not necessary.


We say, let our momen women decide about women's clothing and momen men decide about men's clothing. Both according to Quran and Sunnah.


Our Wahabi Imams conduct prayer without head cover sometimes with blue jean and short sleeve-shirts, and force women to the mosque balcony, in the hot summer covered from head to toe, considering this Islamic behavior. Prophet (PBUH) recognized this Arab prejudice. Each time his daughter Fatima (RA) would enter the mosque, he would stand up and kiss her on her forehead. This Sunnah was never mentioned by Wahabis.


How do we recognize extremism? Half of our Ummah is female. We must remember that. If any Islamic organization had 50% female leaders, it would truly be an Islamic organization. Extremism, Wahabism, and terrorism will not grow in that organization. If you go to an Islamic organization that has no women representation, you can guess that Wahabis are running the show, and soon extremists will be attracted to that organization. Please let us know how many Female Muslim Leaders you see in the Islamic organization you attend. Please reply.


by Ali and Fatima from ICBH