Nickberg was an American contractor who was murdered in Iraq and decapitated in front of the camera. Descendants of Yazid, one more time, showed their ugly faces. Yazid and his Army killed Imam Hossein's (RA), grandson of our Beloved Prophet (PBUH), and 72 members of the Prophet's family and friends in Karbala in 61 A.H. After they decapitated them, they ran horses over their bodies. I hope our American friends understand whom they are dealing with. These are some of the worst criminal in the world and happened to be Muslim. We send our condolences and heartfelt sorrow to all of our American friends.


Prisoner Abuse in Iraq: As American Muslims, we feel ashamed of those American soldiers who abused and raped the Iraqis who were in their custody in prison. We went to Iraq to liberate Iraqis from brutality of tyrant Saddam, not to do the same as Saddam. These criminals are as bad as the criminals who killed Nickberg, but are Christian men and women. Therefore, Islam or Arabs do not have monopoly on brutality. Our Jewish brothers and sisters also showed their brutality in Qaza when they assassinated a quadriplegic old man on wheelchair and a pediatrician with all of his family. So brutality is part of human nature. We must be fight against it and learn to control it. Daryoush Forohar and his wife were murdered and decapitated in Iran a few years ago by a few Muslim criminals who were never found. While criminality is part of human nature, in a democracy like America, one can talk about it resulting in criminals punished by law, but in places like Iran or Iraq or other non-democratic systems, the government does not feel the responsibility. While President Bush apologized to the Iraqis for the stupidity of a few American soldiers, the President of Iran never apologized to the Forohar family for not finding the murderers of their parents. That is the difference between democracy and dictatorship.


Moqtada Sadr: This 30-year-old Shia rebel was accused of killing Ayatollah Khoei a few months ago. Now he does not want to obey the law, and give up his army and guns. He is such a coward that he went to the mosque to hide because he knows the American army will respect the mosque and will not shoot him. But why should the American forces respect the mosque if Moqtada, who claims to be a Momen Shia, does not respect the house of God? Even Ayatullah Sistani said that if American forces do not capture Moqtada Sadr, it would be very difficult for future Iraqi government to capture him. We ask Moqtada to give up your arms, dissolve your army, go and form a political party and run for Congress if you are not guilty of crime. In a few years, democratic Iraq will rise from the ashes of the war and millions of Shia visitors will visit Karbala and Najaf. Prosperity, democracy, and freedom are in the reach of the Iraqi brothers and sisters. Please be patient and wait.