Tobacco causes serious health problems mostly due to tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide.  Tobacco causes cancer of the tongue, throat and lungs.  Tobacco causes emphysema and chronic lung disease.  Tobacco causes vaso constriction and thickening of blood, therefore, causing excessive clotting of blood, which causes heart attack and stroke.  Children of smokers are more prone to develop allergy and bronchitis.  Tobacco addiction probably is the hardest addiction to quit.  Smoking is called “gateway to all sins”.  Smoking is Haram in Islam.


Alcohol is the main ingredient in beer, wine, vodka, whiskey, etc.  Alcohol causes gastritis, stomach pain, stomach bleeding, hepatitis, liver damage, jaundice, cirrhosis and death.  Alcohol causes pancreatitis, nerve damage, memory loss and madness.  Twenty percent of people who drink alcohol on a casual basis will become alcoholics and most of them die as an alcoholic.  Alcohol is called “mother of all sins”.  Drinking alcohol is Haram in Islam.


Drugs:  Some of the youth, after experimenting with tobacco and alcohol, get involved with drugs.  Usually this starts with pot (marijuana) and then leads to crack, cocaine and heroine.  Pot/hashish/marijuana/grass causes euphoria, sleepiness and makes the person indifferent to what is going on around them.   Teenagers who smoke, drink alcohol and go to various teen parties may try pot, therefore, they become sleepy and may try cocaine to stay awake all night.  Very soon they become addicted to crack cocaine, which is an upper, and they may stay on it for days.  People who use crack cocaine have to use alcohol or heroine to come down so they can sleep.  Drug addiction is a very expensive habit.  Most addicts have to either steal or sell drugs to be able to afford their expensive and evil habit.  Drug destroys people and their families.  Drugs and intoxicants are Haram in Islam.