What does America want from the Iranian Government?

A = Become Democratic; non-elected leaders must give up their power.

B = Stop supporting international terrorist groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and others.

C = Stop nuclear technology research, enrichment of uranium and seeking nuclear power.


What does the current Iranian Government want?

A = For Europe and the United States, not to interfere in Iranian internal affairs. They call it Independence (Esteghlal).

B = Pursue peaceful use of nuclear energy and to enrich uranium to sell it as nuclear energy fuel.

C = Do not equate supporting Hamas and Hezbollah with helping terrorists.


What do we want as Iranian-Americans?

A = Iran to become Democratic and non-elected leaders to give up their power.

B = Iran and America relations to be normalized.

C = A Democratic Iran, a friend of United States and Israel, to be allowed to pursue nuclear technology, power plans and uranium enrichment under the supervision of the United Nations and the United States.


What do the Iranian people want?

A = The Iranian people want to avoid any war or violence with any country, especially the United States.

B = The Iranian people want Democracy and Rule of Law. They do not want another dictator since they had a dictator like the Shah already.

C = The Iranian people want a better life through the elimination of corruption and poverty through the establishment of a real Democracy.

D = The Iranian people want a friendly relation with all nations, especially the United States.

E = The Iranian people are family oriented and moral. Therefore, they want an Islamic Democracy.


A Peaceful Solution is Possible If…

A = The Iranian Government takes the first step for Democracy and reconciliation.

1.     In demonstrations and meetings, Iranian people must stop saying "Death to America". If you advocate peace and Islamic values, stop swearing.

2.     The Rahbar talked about corruption in high places and advocated modesty. The government must go further and audit the billionaire thieves (such as Koja Avardei).

3.     The Iranian government must work with the U.N. and E.U. to promote Democracy and human rights in Iran. Iran should not have any political prisoners. Freedom of press has to be guaranteed by the government. The newsmen that are in prison must be released. The chief of police must apologize for not being able to protect the people and not being able to solve the murder of Ms. Zahra Kazemi, the Foroohars, and many others.

4.     The Iranian government must hold uranium enrichment programs for 1-2 years until full Democracy in Iran is established, and Iran-America relations are normalized. Then, like Brazil, Iran can continue enrichment of uranium.

B = The American Government

1.     must work with the Iranian people inside and outside Iran to promote Democracy and human rights in Iran. Lifting sanctions against the people of Iran will help to reduce the power of the dictators. Military sanction is good, but a sanction on commercial products hurts people in Iran and in America.

2.     The American government must support the Iranian Americans who are Nationalist-Religious (Meli-Mazhabi) who wish to promote religious Democracy in Iran and have popular base in Iran among Pasdars, Basijis and other groups, instead of supporting non-Muslim, liberal, secular, anti-Islamic Iranian Americans. These groups have no base with the 70 million Shia Muslims in Iran. In the last 25 years, America, by supporting secular people, have totally failed to bring any change in Iran. In fact, hardliners are getting stronger because the people in Iran fear liberals more than dictators. Morality and family values are more important for the Iranians than Liberal Democracy.