Our beloved Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH) said all Muslim men and women should learn to swim in case of an emergency like flood, drowning, water voyage and war.

We should teach our children how to swim at an early age, but swimming should be considered a very private event in the family with a proper bathing suit. Immediately after swimming lessons are finished the children should wear their regular long, loose, modest Islamic clothing.

Swimming in public beaches or swimming pools and walking around with a bathing suit on or playing around the beach with a bathing suit gradually eliminates the child's shame, modesty (Sharm or Haya) or shyness. After a while it becomes natural for these children to walk with short pants and a bra. In places like Southern France gradually children and youngsters learn to go swimming topless and they walk in the streets with little clothing.

For the children who grow up with a swimming suit instead of regular clothing without any shame, as teenagers they go out without bra and tank top shirts with no remorse. When bikinis become regular clothes, shame goes out the window. Short skirts and hot pants are considered cover for a bathing suit. They are the children who will have premarital sex, sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancy and extra marital sex even when they are married.

When there is no shame and no respect for one's body or skin, then the divorce rate goes up to 90% and traditional family values become meaningless. You cannot correct this problem at the age 15 or older. You must address the problem at a very early age if you would like to save your children's family life.

What can we do:

1. Cover your children's chubby legs and arms when they are little. Protect them from bad eyes and teach them that their skin and body are sacred and should be covered.

2. Teach them how to swim but cover them immediately afterward. Their skin is very valuable and they should not walk around with a bathing suit.

3. Avoid going to the beach or public swimming or vacation cities with water sports. Keep the shyness and shame alive and functional in your children. Boys or girls should be ashamed to get undressed in front of others, even their close family members.

4. As teenagers, the children must learn to wear long loose modest dress, long pants and long sleeves shirts for boys and girls. Their skin must be protected and covered all the time. Once your children are used to cover from age 1 to 13, then at the age 13, you do not have to fight them for wearing a short skirt, going out without bra and tank top clothing. Then you do not have to worry about dating, tattoos, dying their hair purple, premarital sex, teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol addiction.

5. As long as your children are supported by you financially, you can emphasize Islamic values. As long as you and your wife follow them, they will not have an objection to follow your actions. Very soon they will recognize this is best for them and they will have peace of mind.