What is Sufi = A person with Safa (clean heart).

The Sufis were people who were very close to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and followed his foot steps very closely. Sufis were the protector of Islamic values and tradition during the times of Bani Omayesh or Abassieh Khalifehs.

The Sufi principles were Abobakr Sadiq (RA) Hazrat, Ali (RA), Salman Farsi (RA) and Imam Jafar Sadeg (RA). There are close to 30 orders of Sufi in the world. Some accept only Sonni Morids followers, some only Shea Morids and some accept both Sonni and Shea Morids.

The Naqshbandi, Golden Chain order of Sufis, follows the Muslim unity principle and accepts both Sonni and Shea Morids.

Sufis follow the Prophet (PBUH) outwardly, i.e., they wear Amameh, Kofi hat, Aba and long, loose modest clothing. The women wear Hejab and long, loose modest clothing.

Sufis are very modest, humble and down to earth, especially among Morids and other Muslims.

Sufis believe one should work hard 8 hours a day, sleep 8 hours a day, pray and remember Allah 8 hours a day.

Sufis' personal character should follow the Prophet (PBUH) as close as humanly possible.

Imam Abu Hanifa (81-150 AH) said:

"For two years I accompanied Imam Jafar Sadiq (RA). I acquired the spiritual knowledge that made a knower in the path of God."

Imam Shafi (150-205 AH) said:

"From Sufis I received 3 kinds of knowledge."

  1. They taught me how to speak.
  2. They taught me how to treat people with a soft heart.
  3. They guided me in the way of Sufism.

Imam Hanbal (164-241 AH) said:

"Sufis are like a fountain of knowledge, they recite the remembrance of God in their hearts. They have the most spiritual power."

Qualifications of a Shaykh/Master must be:

1. A scholar in the religion.

2. A knower.

3. An expert in the way of purifying the self.

4. Given authorization from his master for speaking and leading the Morids or public.

Naqshbandi Sufis are the most popular Sufi orders in the world. Their leader is Mawlana Shykh Nazim residing in Cypress. His Khalifeh in the United States is Mawlana Shykh Hisham. Most of their followers are in Chicago, New York and Washington. They are now emphasizing growth on the West Coast, especially in California.

Q: How do you recognize false Sufi orders?

A: False Sufis do not emphasize Shariat. Some do not pray, do not fast, and do not look or act like our Prophet (PBUH). Women do not wear Hejab and they are interested in getting your money. WATCH OUT FOR FALSE SUFI ORDERS.

Q: What is the difference between a Muslim scholar and a Sufi?

A: A Sufi is a Muslim scholar who has advanced to the stage of self denial, a complete obedience to God and follows the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH). Like Mawlana Jalal Edin Rumi, or Mawlana Bayazid Bastami.