Success is continued expansion of  happiness.


Success is the ability to fulfill your desires with effortless ease.


Success is material abundance (wealth), good health, energy and enthusiasm for life,

 a fulfilling relationship, emotional stability, sense of well being and peace of mind.


Success is a journey, not a destination.


SOURCE OF CREATION IS:     Divinity and Spirit:  To feel successful, one must fulfill the sense of divinity inside.  Success is fulfillment of spirit, mind and body.


1.             To achieve perfect spiritual balance, one must use:

Spiritual Power which is not afraid of other spirits, also is very humble.

Ego Power is very weak and afraid of others, therefore, wants to control others and wants approval, therefore uses money, job, position and other means to keep up the social mask.


To increase your Spritual Power:


A.             Use meditation, total silence or prayer for 15 minutes, 5 times a day.

B.             Practice non-judgment:  Leave the judgment to God. You must find the positive and nice side of people, and praise that.  Everyone has a pure spirit.

C.            Communicate with nature.  Walk on the beach, have early morning prayer, spend time with flowers, birds, etc.


2.             Charity:  Create dynamic energy by giving and receiving.


A.             Start with a smile, and give a prayer and good wishes or compliment to people you meet.  Never go anywhere empty handed.  Always take a prayer card, book or one flower to wish happiness for people around you.

B.             Appreciate receiving the gift of God.  Thank God for the beautiful sunshine, nice rain, lovely ocean breeze, your ability to see or hear the birds and flowers, etc.

C.            Keep goodwill in your heart whenever you see someone. Pray for their happiness in your heart.  This will polish your heart.


3.       Choice of Reaction:         Every action causes a similar reaction.  You have a choice in your reaction.  Your reaction  should be approved by God, NOT Satan.  Your action and reaction must leave a good memory.  God will reward you for your good action and Godly reactions.


4.       Economy in Effort:  Birds will fly effortlessly.  The earth moves without effort.  Do not try to fight with everything around you.


A.             After disasters, you will pass through anger, denial, bargaining and acceptance.  Rely on God’s will and accept.

B.             Take responsibility for your action or events around you.  Whatever is happening to you is your own doing or God’s will for you.  Every problem presents an opportunity.  Concentrate on that opportunity. 

C.            Do not try to prove your point of view.  You are wasting your God given energy.


5.             Intention and Desire:  The difference between animal and human is information, attention and intention.  Keep your desires to yourself.  Do not share it with others until it becomes a reality.  Prepare a list of desires, share  it with God and ask him to help you and you promise God to work on his path.


6.             Detachment from Wordly Things:  Avoid being poverty conscious.  Do not look for security in saving more money. Security is peace of mind that comes from God and being spiritual.  Wisdom and accepting uncertainty bring opportunity and opens various possibilities to you.


7.             Purpose in Life:   Every soul that comes to earth for a human experience is pure and has a special talent that no one else has.  Learn to say, “How can I help you?”.    “What is in it for me?”  is ego oriented.  “How can I help you?”  is spiritual and Godly way.