Stem Cells are undifferentiated cells that can be grown into differentiated cells like neuron cells, pancreatic cells, etc.


Adult Stem Cells (ASC) are taken from adults, e.g. from placenta, bone marrow, breast or ovary of an adult person. ASC is less flexible than embryonic stem cells.


Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC) are taken from in vitro fertilization of sperm and ovum. Divided and grown in vitro, they are very flexible and can develop into various cells that can cure Parkinson, Diabetes, Stroke, etc.


Christians believe life starts at conception, even in vitro fertilized egg is alive. Therefore, they do not agree to do research and experiment on these fertilized egg. In in vitro fertilization one produces 10 to 20 fertilized eggs. Usually, few of them are used for pregnancy and the rest is kept in the freezer or flushed down the toilet.


Muslims believe life starts when fertilized egg is imbedded in the mother's uterus. At 6 weeks, the spirit enters the fetus. Therefore, fertilized egg outside the mother's womb is not the fetus - it has no spirit and can be used for legitimate research. Muslims believe abortion is not allowed before 6 weeks. Abortion is a medical decision between parents and the doctor and should not be used as abortion on demand. After 6 weeks, abortion is only allowed to save the mother's life. In pregnancy, the father has a right, the mother has a right, and the fetus has a right too. The fetus has a right to live and cared for with love and respect.


As Muslims we fully support stem cell research on adult or embryonic stem cells. We think revelation and reason supports our position. As Muslims we believe interpretation of religion should never stop, delay or hamper advancement of science. God said in Quran, "We taught man what he did not know." We believe God taught man everything including all future advancements and man can advance so far that we say, "Resad adami be jae ke bejoz Khoda nabenad" "Man will reach so high that he will not see anything but God".


Please let us know if you agree with embryonic stem cell research or not.