You can feel healthy and happy if your body, mind and soul are healthy.

Healthy Body
Modern medicine is most advanced and its success is because it is evidence-based. Medical science, by utilizing blood test, CAT scan, MRI and various other diagnostic tests can make a correct diagnosis that leads to the appropriate medical treatment. Various diseases can be treated by surgery and results have been excellent. But evidence-based medicine does not have all the answers. For pain management, some headaches, some skin diseases, some shortness of breath, some chest pains, some diarrhea, some urinary problems, sad feelings, fatigue and many other diseases that are spiritual illness, the treatment is spiritual healing.

Healthy Mind
Some diseases are psychosomatics. Many patients with depression have eating disorders and sleeping disorders. Psychotropic medication has been helpful but results have not been satisfactory. Bipolar disorders are common. Alcoholism and drug addiction are epidemics, and the only treatment is detoxification and the 12-step program. But success rate is only 10-20%. Most addicts revert back to their drinking and drug addiction until they die of overdose or go to prison except for the ones who become spiritual. What is the solution?

Healthy Spirit
Spirit (Soul) enters body when fetus is 12 weeks old in the mother's womb. When a person falls asleep, his/her soul can go out of the body, and then comes back to the body when he/she wakes up. That may be the source of some dreams.

When we die, our soul leaves the body permanently and goes to the heavens to be with the Creator. Our soul, with our DNA information, can reproduce us in the Day of Judgment.

When we are born, our soul is innocent and healthy. During our lifetime, with our actions and bad deeds, we contaminate our soul. The only treatment for cleansing our soul is meditation (prayer), which is remembering God through supplication and prayer. If we constantly remember God and obey God's commands written in our Holy Books like the Torat (Torah), Engil (New Testament) and Quran, we become more spiritual. When we are spiritual and godly, we see no evil, we hear no evil, we say no evil and we do no evil actions.

Utilizing the evidence-based modern medicine, we treat the body. Utilizing the psychiatric medications and psychoanalysis, we treat the sick mind. And by meditation we cleanse our spirit. Remembering God gives us peace of mind and softens our heart. The holistic treatment makes you feel happy and healthy. Holistic medicine treats your mind, body and soul.

All human beings are spiritual beings brought to this world for a short period of time. They are concerned about life, death and illness. Why are they born and what happens to them after they die? While different people have different beliefs, religions and rituals, like many points around a big circle (the center of the circle is always one point, one Creator, while spirituality is everyone's journey from around the circle to the center), naturally there are millions of ways to the center of life, which is God (See Figure 1). We do not say which root is better but we encourage you to start your journey.

Figure 1

Choose a comfortable place. Turn off the lights. No noise should be present to distract you. Concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in and out slowly while you say "Ya Hoo", "Ya Hagh", "Oh God", "God is Good", "God is Great", "Thank You God", etc. Try to meditate for 5 to 10 minutes 5 times a day (when you wake up, noontime, afternoon, at sun down and at night before you go to bed). Extra meditation when you are angry, nervous and under a lot of stress. Religious people can use traditional religious prayer to connect to God, the Creator.

Spiritual Leader (Morshed)
You need a spiritual leader to lead you to the right path, like a personal trainer, to encourage you everyday to continue your meditation. You can find your spiritual teacher in your church, temple or mosque. Do not hesitate to change your morshed until you find the right one. Your teacher must be a perfect example for you. He/She must be married with children and grandchildren, and he/she should not expect any financial reward from you. He/She must be religions with high moral standards.

Outwardly Appearance (Zaher)
As a spiritual person, you must be very clean, modest, and have on long loose clothing; a short beard for men is nice. You must emulate your morshed (coach) by taking his/her advice for whatever you want to do that will impact your spirituality.

Perfect spiritual person is happy and modest, at peace with himself/herself and his/her surroundings, obeys God, helps other people and thanks God for all the blessings he obtained. Please call me if you have more questions about spirituality.

Spiritual Deeds
Remembering and obeying, God commands in the Holy Books. Serving people; helping the needy; volunteer work in a House of God (temple, church or mosque), hospital, school and orphanage; teaching spirituality; and spending your time and money to promote God's way.