1.            For 800 years, Spain was a Muslim country and the ancestors of most of the Latin Americans are from Muslim Spain (Islam is in their blood).


2.            Latin-Americans are very religious and spiritual, but their community is devastated by drugs, alcohol, gambling, divorce, gang and violence, and they know “Islam is the Solution” for their social problems.


3.     Latin-Americans are becoming a significant force in America and they are sick and tired of being stereotyped as second-class citizens.  They know Islam is the solution in alleviating all social and racial injustices in America.


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We want America to become the moral leader of the world in addition to

being the most powerful and richest nation in the world.


Dear Brothers & Sisters:   Asalam-Alaykom (Peace Be With You)


Islam means:    Obtaining peace through total submission to the Will of God Almighty.


Muslim:           An individual who is totally obedient to God Almighty


Islam wants to make you a perfect human being (Motaghi).  Islam wants you

to make a perfect society by promoting social justice (ADL) moral

leadership (Emamat).   Let’s get together and make that ideal society

(Madina Monavareh)


Come and learn why we say Islam is the Solution.


A Perfect Muslim:  Follows our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a Role model

in appearance (short haircut, short full beard, clean, long loose clothing with head cover

(Kufi).  In character he is calm, relaxed, honest, truthful, peaceful, loves everyone, does

not lie, cheat or get angry.  He is modest.


The role model for our ladies is Fatima Zahra (Prophet’s daughter).  In appearance, clean, long loose clothing with head cover (hejab), little make up and minimal jewelry.  In character, she is similar to our Beloved Prophet (PBUH).  She is modest.


A perfect Muslim does not use tobacco, alcohol, drugs, no gambling, no extra marital sex. 


A Perfect Society:  A just, fair, reasonable society with democracy under God, human

rights according to the Quran.  Traditional family values is the cornerstone of this society.

All human beings are treated fairly and equally.  They all are children of one God and

they are all brothers and sisters.  In this society, there is no place for harmful substances

such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gambling, extra marital sex, or abortion on demand.


A Perfect Leader:    Is a perfect Muslim who has leadership quality, too.    The role

models are our Beloved Prophet (PBUH), Imam Ali (RA) who were both religious leaders

and political leaders.


There are 1.5 billion Muslims all over the world and 10 million Muslims in



Islam is the fastest growing religion in America because:


1.            Islam promotes justice and fairness for everyone.

2.            Islam emphasizes moral leadership.  Without moral leaders, society will eventually fall apart like Rome or Persia.

3.            Advocating good deeds and forbidding evil deeds is everyone’s responsibility.