Ayatullah Sistani is the Grand Ayatullah and Source of Emulation (Marja) for 300 million Shia Muslims in the world. He is the most pious, moderate, democratic and fair momen Shia Muslim and we all support his political position in Iraq.


Moqtada Sadr is a young Mula, revolutionary, and extremist rebel. He does not want to participate in a democratic process and does not have courage to form a political party and choose a non-violent democratic process to express his opinion. Instead, he is encouraging young ignorant mobs to fight against Iraqi army. Moqtada Sadr and his gangs are such cowards that they rushed into the Imam Ali (SA) Mosque in Najaf and used innocent Iraqi women and children as human shield and hid inside Imam Ali (SA) Shrine that is so sacred to all Muslims in the world. But we are sure that courageous Iraqi army with their allies that have surrounded Najaf will be able to defeat Moqtada Sadr once and for all. We hope that after this temporary set back, the Prime Minister of Iraq Dr. Ayad Alawi will be able to establish democracy in Iraq, and Iraq will be a leader for democracy in the Middle East.


Ayatullah Sistani few weeks ago asked Moqtada Sadr to get out of Najaf and not to use Imam Ali’s (SA) mosque as a shield, but Sadr did not listen and caused significant damage to the mosque. We will never forgive Sadr for his violent behavior, we will repair the mosque better than what it is today. Ayatullah Sistani reminded people about Saffain war 1300 years ago near Najaf, when the gang of Moawiya were going to be defeated by Imam Ali’s (SA) army. They put pages of Quran an their spear and Imam Ali’s (SA) army stopped fighting with Moawiya’s army. As a result of Moawiya and Yazid survived and stained the history of Islam. Now Sadr is using the Imam Ali (SA) Shrine to protect himself but we are sure Iraqi army backed by U.S. army will not allow this murderer to go free. They must capture him and try him for murder of A. M. Khoei. Ayatullah Sistani was so upset at Sadr that he got sick with heart problem and had to leave Najaf, and go to London for his treatment. We hope he will get well soon and return to Najaf.


As Shia Muslim community in U.S. we must demand that Moqtada Sadr give up his army, leave Najaf immediately, and must be tried for the murder of Mr. Khoei (Ayatullah Khoei’s son). Any other solution will be detrimental to the future of a democratic Iraq. Terrorists and extremists must be defeated in Iraq now.