In the year 2000, the Talibans (Al-Qaedah), and the Vahabis attacked Mazar Sharif in Afghanistan, and killed 3000 Shia Muslims and left their heads on each side of the road. The Shiayan and Northern Alliance were fighting very hard, but could not resist the Vahabi Talibans supported by Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush courageously attacked Afghanistan, removed the Vahabi regime, and established democracy, human rights and women's rights in Afghanistan. Three hundred million Shias all over the world are indebted to America for liberating 10 million Shiayan in Afghanistan.


Saddam for 30 years in Iraq tortured and killed the Shiayan. Twenty million Shiayan in Iraq had no hope of ever gaining their freedom. It was only with the will of God that President Bush removed Saddam by American Forces. And, now for the first time, the Shiayan have their own government in Iraq. Vahabis, supported by Saudi Arabia, are trying to kill Americans in Sunni triangle near Baghdad, but without any success. Three hundred million Shiayan all over the world are indebted to President Bush, the Republican Party, and American Military Forces for liberating the Shiayan in Iraq - and after 400 years, making Iraq the second Shia nation in the world after Iran.


Republicans and President Bush are committed to establishing democracy and human rights all over the world. We hope with their help we can eliminate discrimination against the Shiayan in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.


In domestic issues, we fully support President Bush and the Republican stance against gay marriage and against abortion on demand. President Bush's faith-based initiative is helpful in empowering churches, temples, and mosques to help the community better. President Bush is pro-family, pro-religion, and against drugs and alcohol. He wants to bring morality back to American T.V. shows and radio programs by cleaning them up and making them more family-oriented. We must help Mr. Bush's re-election in 2004.