Dear Friend,


As a Shia Muslim organization, we support an Islamic Democracy for Iran that contains the following structure:


A - The Wilayat-e-Faghih must be elected by the people every 5 years from among Ayatullahs, and address religious issues only.

B - Military power and the judicial system must be under the control of the President and the Congress, like the United States.

C - The President must be elected by the people every 4 years (maximum of 8 years) from among all qualified candidates.

D - Democracy, human rights, women's rights, freedom of speech, religious freedom and the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights must be fully respected. Full freedom for all political parties must be guaranteed.


Since presently these principles are not respected, and we do not wish to change the political system in Iran with a revolution or violence, we fully support the reformists inside Iran like Mrs. Shirin Ebadi and Mrs. Mehrangiz Kar who have proposed and supported this referendum proposal. If you agree, please visit and email


Please remember that this is just the first step in a long process. We need 100,000 signatures to form our group that will go to the U.N., E.U. and American Congress. Please remember that non-violent civil disobedience is the best way to a full longstanding Democracy as we witnessed in Indonesia, South Africa, Spain and Eastern Europe in the last 30 years.


Please reply and let us know what is your view about the current human right situation in Iran.


Islamic Center of Beverly Hills