Allah (SWT) is One, Compassionate, Merciful

Allah (SWT) is Just and wants justice for all.


Allah wants to establish a Kingdom of God on earth by choice, not by force.  Allah (SWT) created mankind free and gave him the intelligence and freedom to be good and Godly or bad and evil, gave him freedom to follow God and go to heaven or follow Shaytan and go to hellfire.


Allah (SWT) sends many messengers to guide mankind to the right path and establish justice on earth.  Abraham, Ismael, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Jesus and, finally, Mohammad (Peace and Blessings to All of Them).


Allah (SWT) sent the Torah, Engil and finally the Quran to guide mankind to the right path, to establish the “Kingdom of God”.  Allah said in the Quran, “Obey God, obey Rassoul and obey Rassoul’s sucessors.”  (Q4-59)


Rassoul said to establish the Kingdom of God, obey my successors:  Imam Ali, Imam Hassan, Imam Hossein.  Each Imam chose his successor and told God fearing people (Momen) to follow them.  When Imam Mahdi (12th Imam) went to occultation [become Ghaeb (unseen)], confirmed the same, to establish the Kingdom of God.  The leader must be pious and must be Masum (sinless) and must follow the Quran and the examples of our Beloved Prophet and the 12 holy Imams.


For the 21st century in an Islamic country:  The leader must be pious and Masum (Vali Faghih), must be chosen from a group of pious leaders in the country and  stay as Vali Faghih for a period of 10 years unless he is disabled.  Secular business of the people may be given to the president who is chosen by the people every 4 years.  Vali Faghih must have the ultimate power.  He must be the head of the military and have the power to override the decision of the Congress.  Vali Faghih is the representative of Imam ASR and his actions are according to the Quran and Sunnat.  Vali Faghih of various countries can get together and choose an ultimate religious leader that will guide the whole 1.5 billion ummah.  This is called Velayat Faghih.  Vali Faghih is responsible for guiding the ummah to the right path, according to the Quran and Sonnat.  The president is chosen by the people and is responsible for making their life better and more comfortable.


In non-Islamic countries:  As a good Momen Muslim, our responsibility is to participate in the political system and choose moral leaders and promote justice, peace and democracy under God.  “In God We Trust” and “One Nation Under God” is the main part of the U.S. Constitution that has been forgotten.  It is our responsibility to bring good and Godly people together and to fight with our voice, money and vote against bad and evil people wherever they are.  We will succeed in establishing the Kingdom of God in America because God is on our side. 


We want America to be the moral leader of the world in addition to being the richest and most powerful nation in the world.


Islam is the fastest growing religion in America because of ADL (social justice) and Imamat (pious leadership).  Tohid (oneness of God), Nabovat (Prophethood) and Mead (Day of Judgement) is the principle of all Abrahamic religions and does not separate Islam from Judaism or Christianity.  All youth and intellectuals are attracted to a religious ideology that justice for all and moral leadership is its principle, Al-Islam.