Criminals who are not Muslim are not identified by their religion. American Press never identified Timothy McVeigh as a white Catholic man from Buffalo who bombed the Federal Building in Oklahoma, killing 170 people. The KKK were true White Christian terrorists, but they were only identified as the KKK. The Press constantly identifies criminals in Iraq as Muslim terrorists to brainwash people against Islam and Muslims. It is up to the American Muslims to write, call or send emails to the Press to educate them that the terrorists are criminals, having different race, religion and nationality.


We do not like when Islam, a religion of peace, is mixed up with violence, killing or murder. Quran says that killing the innocent is so bad that "if any one slew a person…it would be as if he slew the whole people". Quran 5-32 We do not like it when the Press identifies a criminal as an Islamist or an Islamic terrorist. Terrorists are criminals. Let's just call them terrorists or criminals.


If anyone asks what is their religion, race or gender, then we can reply: when the press identifies a Chechen terrorist as a criminal, we have no objection because they are identified by their nationality. We hate terrorists as much as you do. Who cares what religion they have? If the Chechen terrorists had any religion, they would not have killed 300 innocent school children - more than half of them Muslims. Can you imagine identifying a member of the Mafia by their religion, saying, "John Gotti, an Italian American Catholic Mafia boss, was captured". Palestinian or Iraqi terrorists are criminals no matter what religion they have - like in America. Thousands of people are murdered every year by criminals Black or White, mostly Christians. We just call them criminals without mentioning their religion or race.


We would like to ask the American Press: from now on to please say "An Iraqi terrorist killed few innocent Iraqis today" or "One American soldier in Iraq was murdered by an Iraqi terrorist" or "A Palestinian terrorist bombed a bus in Israel, killing a few innocent Israelis and Arabs" or "An Afghani terrorist killed 2 German soldiers today in Afghanistan". Let's identify the terrorist by their nationality. Then, we would have to identify Timothy McVeigh as an American terrorist who killed 170 innocent people. There are 1,500 million Muslims in the world. When you identify a criminal as an Islamic terrorist, you are hurting these 1,500 million innocent Muslims. You do not mean to do that.


Dear American Muslims, all 10 million, please educate the American News Media by writing, calling or sending emails to them, asking them, "Please do not associate Islam with violence or terror. Do not identify a criminal as an Islamist or an Islamic terrorist. Use their nationality to identify them. Criminals who bomb abortion clinics are not identified as Christian terrorists. They are identified as a man who bombed a clinic. Then, why identify a criminal as an Islamic terrorist?"