The believers are but a single brotherhood. Make peace and reconciliation between your two (contending) brothers and fear God so that you may receive mercy Quran 49-10.

As for those who divide their religion and break up into sects, you have no part in them in the least: their affair is with God. He will in the end, tell them the truth of all that they did Quran 6-159.

Other related Ayes in Quran:

3-102 3-105 6-65 6-159 8-45 8-62

9-10 30-31 42-13 49-9

The utmost important duty for every Muslim is to preserve and protect the Muslim unity and not to cause any division in the Muslim rank.

Islam was started by Prophet Noah and Abraham and was completed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

All Muslims are brothers and equal with each other in the sight of God.

Islam and Race: All races are equal in Islam; black, white, yellow, red, or any combination of that.

Islam and Sect: Islam is a din (way of life). No division or sect is permitted by God (Quran 6-159), but Muslims have chosen various Imam's to follow. For example, Sonni's are either Shafi, Hanbali or Wahabi, etc. Sheas are either 12 Emami or 7 Emami, etc.

For the sake of Muslim unity all sects are acceptable and equal and we should learn to tolerate each other, different sects are just different flavors of the same principle.

Islam and national of origin: Islam has spread all over the world in more than 50 countries. Muslims are the majority of the population.

For sake of Muslim unity, national of origin should not become a source for division.

Islamic unity dictates that Muslims should not be divided according to race, sects or national of origin.

Q: What should we do during prayer about hands up or down, amin loud or silent, etc.?

A: During the group prayer, please follow the Imam. In private, either position is acceptable. Please do not discuss these issues in public it will only create more hostility and division among Muslim brothers.

Q: What about Islamic Centers for ethnic groups i.e., Pakistani mosque, Iranian mosque, or black Muslim's mosque.

A: All these divisions create hostility and contradict Muslim unity commanded by God in the Quran. The House of God should welcome all Muslim brothers and sisters regardless of race, sect or national of origin.

Q. Should Muslims emulate our Beloved Prophet's (PBUH) outwardly appearance too?

A: O Children of Adam: Wear your beautiful apparel at every time and place of prayer. Quran 7-31.

There has been much writing about our Beloved Prophet's (PBUH) character, personality, and dealings with other people. Now we would like to discuss the outwardly appearance of our Beloved Prophet (PBUH). As reported in Bukhari, our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) wore Amameh (turban) usually white, green or black over his Kofi hat. His head was mostly shaved or he had very short hair. He had a beard and he told others to grow a beard - it is better for you and increases your masculinity.

He wore loose and long clothing with a clean white or black Aba (robe) over his clothes. His wife wore long, loose clothing with Hejab (head cover) (Bukhari, Muslim).

Why the European and the West is against Islamic clothing?

A few historical points: Crusaders in the 13th and 14th century were attacking Muslims and wanted to conquer Jerusalem. Their clothing was made of armor with a big cross over their chest. Later on, the cross became smaller and slowly changed to a white shirt and cravatt (neck tie). This resembles the cross and has become the symbol of western civilization, western domination, and capitalism.

When the Ottomon Empire (Islamic Empire) was defeated in this century by the West, the first thing the West did after dividing the country was to remove the Hejab from the women and take the turban and aba from the men. In Iran and Turkey, the popet government soldiers beat women with Hejab and men with aba. The West then started to make fun of our Eastern clothing and Hollywood started to promote the neck tie and jacket as a symbol of civilization and success. The West also started bringing liquor, gambling, night clubs and prostitution to the Eastern countries.

The West looked at the East as an army that has been defeated. They were not allowed to wear their own uniform and instead must wear the uniform of the conquerors and give up their own identity.

In the United States now, we must slowly go forward to gain our religious identity and start wearing Sunnah and promoting it to our youth so they will be proud of their Islamic identity. We cannot expect our women to wear Hejab when we do not wear aba and instead, wear a cross (neck tie) around our neck.

How can we expect our youth to follow Islamic rules and be different from their friends by not drinking, not smoking, not dating, not using drugs, when we do not have enough courage to be different from our friends? The answer is by not wearing a cross (neck tie) around our neck. We must grow a beard or wear aba or wear an Islamic hat (Kofi). We must start wearing Sunnah and must try to follow our Beloved Prophet outwardly, especially our leaders and Imams. People who have their own businesses who are retired or independently wealthy and are not afraid of losing business from non-Muslims must lead the way and come out of the closet first.

Next time you see someone giving Khotbeh and wearing a cross (neck tie) on his neck, please remind him that as a Muslim leader, he should not be afraid of being different. Rather as a leader, you should be different. Be courageous as a general in the God's army. You must look different than the soldiers. God will protect you. Act like our Beloved Prophet (PBUH). Try to emulate him so our Ummah Inshah Allah will emulate you. Just imagine when you go to a hospital and your doctor comes in with a nice, clean, long white coat - you like that much more than if he came in with jeans and a T-shirt although he is the same knowledgeable doctor.

Just as if you wanted to do scholarly Islamic research, you would have to know the Quranic language (Arabic) so you could read and understand the Quran directly. If you want to teach Islam and be effective, you must emulate our Beloved Prophet (PBUH).

The cloth that he was wearing was not just Arabic clothing, it had a special meaning that has to be preserved. That is our Prophet's outwardly appearance.

In summary, we recommend the following easy steps:

1. Do not wear a cross (neck tie) around your neck and please explain that to other Muslims.

2. Always have Tasbih in your hand to show your Islamic pride.

3. Keep your hair short.

4. Wear an Islamic hat (Kofi) whenever possible.

5. Grow your beard (2-3 inches long) if you can.

6. Wear aba over your jacket whenever you can especially when going to Islamic events or to the mosque.

7. Be modest; no silk, no gold, wear nice, clean and inexpensive clothing.

8. Our women should wear long, loose, nice, clean clothing with Hejab (head cover) just like Khadijeh and Fatimah (R.A.).


As a soldier in the army of God in America promoting Islam, this is our uniform, our leader is Prophet (PBUH) and our constitution is preserved in the Holy Quran.

We must not be afraid of Kofars not approving our clothes or our outwardly appearance. Let us learn this lesson from Jewish Rabbi's who have kept their outwardly appearance for more than 3,000 years.

Priest and Christian leaders have kept their uniform for over 2000 years. As good pious Muslims, we should not dress like Churchill Truman or Dugoul. We should emulate our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) outwardly as well as inwardly. Muslim leaders in America should look different from stock brokers.