Should Muslims in America assimilate and dress like stockbrokers in Zaher or they should maintain their Islamic clothing and emulate our beloved prophet and his family (Ahl ol Baytl in Zaher outwardly whenever they can.

Our beloved prophet (PBUHl was against assimilating with Kaffers and looking like rest of the Quoriesh.

Islamic dress code for last 1400 years in Middle East either during the Ottomen Empire in Turkey or Persian Empire was Kufi hat, turbin, beard, ABA, and Tasbih for men and headcover and loose modest long dress for women.

Now lets look at what enemies of Islam did:

After Ottomen Muslim Empire was defected in 1920. Ata Turk in Turkey and Reza Shah in Iran started westernizing the Middle East and their soldiers were taking turbin's and scarfs from men and women by force and beating them to death on the sidewalks. Old women were crying that without Hejab we will go to hell and the soldiers were responding that if you do not remove your Hejab, we will give you hell right now. Westernization was the excuse to remove the turbin, and Hejab before they could import alcohol, drugs, gambling, cabareh, casino, nudity, prostitution, abortion and gay lifestyle to the Middle East. West forced assimilation but in their terms. West told us Kufi hat, Turbin and Hejab is bad but baseball cap and short skirt is good. West told us beard and ABA is dirty but clean shave, dark blue suit, shirt and red necktie is good. West told us Tasbih and Miswak is bad and old fashion but, cigar, cigarrete and chewing gum is modern and good. For 30 years we have been promoting Islam in America specially in our own communities but the result has not been very good.

Our Muslim leaders mostly follow the West's advise and have a clean shave (no beard] they wear blue suit and red tie (residual of cross on the chest from the time of crusaders!. They promote assimilation [meaning losing your identity and looking like everyone else in the Westl mostly for men, but for women still they push for full Hejab and keeping women in the basement in their Islamic centers.

Our youth have learned very well how to assimilate you can not recognize them in bars, Cabaret or Las Vegas that which one is Muslim and which one is not. West has accomplished what they wanted through our own Muslim leaders.