Imam Mahdi Alayhe Salam (12th Imam), Imam Asr, Saheb Az Zaman (Master of the Time)


Father:   Imam Hassan Askari (11th Imam), Descendant of our Beloved Prophet (PBUH)

Mother: Nerjis Khatun, Descendant of Prophet Shemon Trustee of Jesus Christ (RA)

He was born on 15 Shaban 255 AH


Al Mahde (Guided One), Al Muntazer (Awaited One), Al Qaim (Riser)


Our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) said, “This world will not come to its end unless Al Qaim (Riser) comes.  He is from my offspring who will fill the world with justice and equity after being filled with injustice and oppression.


Imam Ghaeb (Unseen Imam)  “It is guidance for sure, without doubt to those who fear Allah, who believe in the unseen (Ghayb) (Q2-3). As Muslims, we must believe in the unseen. Only those who are firmly grounded in knowledge are capable of interpreting some parts (Motashabehat) of the Quran        (Q 3-7).


Imam Jafar Sadique said, “We (Ahlul Bayt) are those who can interpret the Motashabehat in the Quran.  “That which is left for you by Allah (Baghiyat Allah) is best for you if you believe” (Q11-86).  Imam Jafar Sadique said, “When Al Mahdi appears he shall lean on Kaba and 313 men, his companions, will join him, then he will say what is left for you by Allah is best for you (Quran 11-86).”  Then he shall say, “I am what is left for you by Allah (Ana Baghiyatallah).  I am (Khalifat Allah) and his proof (Hujat Allah).  His voice will be heard all over the world. 


Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) said my successors are twelve.  The first one is my brother Ali and the last one my son Al-Mahdi who shall fill the world with justice and Jesus, son of Mary, shall say his prayer behind him in the last day.  Then he quoted Sura 39 Ayeh 69 and the earth will shine with glory of its Lord.    Al Mahdi’s minor occultation (Ghaybat) was from 260 AH to 329 AH and major Ghabat from 329 AH ‘til the day of judgement. 


Ref:  Karbela and Beyond by Yasin T. Al Jibouri.  If you wish to have a

free copy of this book, please write to us.


Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) said, “My nation will be divided to 73 sects and only one of them is right.”  Please choose the right one and be united with the others.


“Remember the Day of Judgement when we shall call human beings with their Imam” (Q 17-71).  Prophet (PBUH) said I am your Imam now and after me, Ali and his descendants 12 Imam ‘til Al-Mahdi.  In another occasion, the Prophet (PBUH) said, “One who dies and does not recognize  his Imam Asr dies the death of a Pagan”.  Please do not take a chance, come and give your respect to your Imam Asr.  Please join us to celebrate Imam Asr’s (Alay Ha Salam) birthday, 15th of Shaban.