We extend our deepest sympathy to the citizens of London, especially to the family of the victims of the recent bombing. The people of London were victims of the bombings of Adolf Hitler (Christian Criminal) during World War II. Then, for 20 years, they were bombed intermittently by the Irish Republican Army (IRA, Irish Catholic Criminals). Only in the last few years IRA has been neutralized mostly due to strict security measures like public camera, National I.D. card and strict control of borders. Now, a new group of criminals are rising. They claim they are Muslim and their "God" has allowed them to kill innocent people. To real Muslims, these criminals were known throughout history. Yazid was a Muslim ruler in Syria. In 683 C.E., only 50 years after our beloved Prophet died, Yazid slaughtered and decapitated 72 members of the Prophet's family, including the Prophet's grandson Imam Hossein. Yazid attacked Medina and Mecca, killing and decapitating thousands of innocent Muslims. Now, the descendants of Yazid, like Osama Bin Laden and Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, are following their ancestors. These criminals are mostly Wahabi (Yazidi) extremist and they are out to kill descendants of our beloved Prophet (PBUH), which include the Sunni, Shia, Sufi, and anyone who does not accept their criminal character. These Wahhabi Sunni Arab criminals in Iraq are killing Shia Arabs in Army Recruiting Centers. In Mosul, they are killing innocent Sunni Kurds, and innocent Iraqi police and American soldiers. In London, new breed are England-born Pakistani Sunni students.


What should we do to contain the terrorists?


1 - We must pursue and destroy them like rats wherever they are before they can terrorize innocent people. Their supporters are in Syria, Saudi Arabia and all over Middle East, and must be identified and destroyed.


2 - We must reduce terrorist influence in recruiting new 13-15 year old young Wahabi Sunni Muslim as suicide bombers.


How do we reduce terrorist influence in Muslim streets?


1 - We must resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict now following President Bush's peace proposal of the two-state solution. We must have a time line of 3-5 years for total Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 borders and promote Human Rights, Democracy and Free Election in Palestine.


2 - We must support President Bush's plan to promote Democracy and Human Rights in the Middle East. These Muslim dictators in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries in the Middle East are like factories for making terrorists by oppression and abusing their citizens in Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. We must remove these dictators and encourage free and fair elections in the Middle East.


3 - In Muslim streets, we must prove that America does not support Muslim dictators. America is for Democracy and Human Rights. If we prove that America is forcing Israel to resolve the Palestinian issue, then bin Laden cannot recruit young Muslims and these criminals will die out like IRA. We must win the heart and mind of young Muslims before Bin Laden does.


We condemn any act of violence and terror against innocent women and children in Iraq, London, Israel, and Egypt in the form of suicide bombing.


Please join us to send our condolences to Mr. Tony Blair and the citizens of London, especially the family of the victims. We believe the terrorists are criminals, and they will go to Hellfire and stay there forever after their death as Quran promises. No Hoories for them. Hoories are for people who die in the Path of God in the hands of terrorists. Innocent Shia Arab families who die in the hand of Sunni Arab terrorists in Iraq go to heaven and meet the Hoories. Innocent Sunni Kurdish soldiers who die in the hand of Sunni Arab terrorists go to paradise to be with 70 Hoories.


Homeland Security is considering the following steps to control criminals and terrorists:


1 - Everyone in America must have National Picture I.D. Card like Driver's License.

2 - Borders must strictly be controlled. Anyone coming to U.S. or leaving U.S. must be registered. All visitors must be fingerprinted and tracked while in U.S.

3 - All people going to school, university or looking for a job when going to clinic or hospital must show their I.D. Anyone buying gasoline, and buying or selling cars must have I.D. Spot check for I.D. is necessary. We may become like a "police state" but we will be safe. In the police state, people do not complain about national safety. For example, they complain about why police abuses them like Iraq under Saddam. So, if we offer people the safety of a "police state" and human rights of a Democratic State, it will be ideal.

4 - We may have surveillance camera in major public gathering areas. Surveillance camera saved London from the IRA criminals and will save U.S. from terrorists and drug dealers.

5 - Although we do not like these strict security measures, we cannot blame Homeland Security. Loss of civil liberty is what extremists bring to the community. We must fight them wherever they are.


How do we recognize extremists?


1 - Extremists are against women. They oppress women around them. They consider women as second-class citizens. They do not allow women to vote, to drive, and to participate in leadership of the mosque.

2 - Extremists are dogmatic in their view. They do not follow Quran. They follow Hadith that is man made and produced by their leaders to justify their criminal acts.

3 - Extremists do not love Prophet (PBUH) or Ahlul Bait (AS). Extremists are against Shia or Sufi. Wherever you see a mosque run by Shia, Sufi and women, you know extremists do not grow in that mosque.


Moderate peaceful Muslim families must recognize and combat extremist ideology otherwise these extremists will bring pain and misery to themselves and Muslim families in America. It is up to us, and especially our sisters, to lead us against extremist Wahabi ideology. We must throw away these bad apples.