We are concern on why some of our elder community members sacrifice our traditions and morality (AKHLAGH) standards for pushing the envelope further, to make a little more money and to be a little more unusual.


The Recent Music Videos with a 16-year-old young beautiful Iranian girl who appears in her underwear (semi-nude) with a bunch of young Iranian boys is promoting nudity and immorality. These youngsters have no fault, but the Directors like Koji Film, Music Company like Sherkat Taranch and T.V. shows that promote these kinds of music video have to use better judgment. We ask families to call or write to these companies and let them know that our community's morality and our youth are not for sale.


Now that the Republican Party and President Bush have eliminated late night parties with alcoholic drinks and nudity from the White House and official parties. We must use Mrs. Bush and her daughters clothing as a model and promote that style in our community. Please follow the advise of Christian right families and promote morality and abstinence among our youth, encourage them to stop smoking, and to avoid alcoholic drinks and nudity. Please do not follow the culture you see in Hollywood, drugs, alcohol and sexual immorality have devastated them and they do not know what to do. Please follow our own 3000-year-old Iranian Culture of faith and family.


If you are free to produce these obscene videos. Please allow us to use our freedom to respectfully disagree with you.