1.             Moral Leadership:Our political leaders must have a higher standard of moral and family values.They should speak against tobacco alcohol, gambling, nudity, pornography, adultery and divorce which is ruining the fabric of our society.America is falling apart from the inside.We want America to be the moral leader of the world, in addition to being the richest and most powerful nation in the world.


2.             Gun Control and Safe School:We need safer schools and get rid of gun pushers like NRA.Please separate yourself from NRA before it is too late.We need tougher gun control laws.


3.             We support Family Values:We are against tobacco, drugs, alcohol, gambling, nudity and pornography that is ruining the fabric of our society.Please emphasize family values.


4.             Tax Laws:We need flat tax, simple and fair 20% across the board, more support for families.Families making less than 30,000 dollars should pay NO TAX.We need major tax reform to be simple and fair.


5.             Education:We need smaller classes, national exam for students (6th-9th and 12th grade) and national license and periodic exams for teachers (just like we have for doctors).Internet access for all students and teachers.Tax credit for higher education.


6.†††† Medicare:High-income people must pay for their Medicare coverage (remove the ceiling).Medicare must become solvent and pay for medication, long term nursing home care.Please save Medicare.Patients should have the right to choose their doctors.Create physician, hospital, pharmaceutical company partnerships and eliminate lawyers and business men from wasting healthcare dollars.For each health insurance premium dollars obtained from people, 80 cents must be spent in health related items.Administration, overhead, advertising and profit should not exceed 10-20% of premium dollars.


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America is suffering from moral crisis; tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gambling and nudity is destroying the fabric of our society.Sexual anarchy, divorce and destruction of our traditional family structure are destroying America from the inside.Gangs, violent crimes and school shootings are just a symptom of this immorality and lack of moral consciousness from police.To prevent drug deals, corruption and violence, no matter how many police we hire, it will not do much good because those police that are hired lack the necessary moral standards (like recent events at LAPD and NYPD).No matter how many new teachers we hire, if they are immoral (gay, alcoholics, adulterers and smokers), thatís what they will teach our children.We must start with high moral standards for our leaders and slowly promote it to our families.We must support traditional family values.