We support Dr. Alawi's position that Iraqi elections must be held according to schedule in January 2005. The position that the U.S. has taken is to support the election in January 2005 as well so the end result can be the establishment of a legitimate Democratic government for Iraq, reducing American military exposure to violence to allow Iraqis to take care of their own affairs. Ayatullah Sistani has also requested that election be held on time so it cannot be delayed.


Political Movements to Delay the Elections

Mr. Pechachi brought 15 other Sunni and Kurd leaders together to delay the inevitable election. Because there is some area in Iraq that is not safe and not ready for elections, extending election for six more months will just give more time to the insurgents to try to kill more people so the world opinion can change to say Iraq is another Vietnam. The Sunni insurgents were relaying in Fallujah. But, after they saw the entire Fallujah insurgency fold in 2 weeks and Mosul cleaned up, now they want to delay the election by political force. The Shia majority wants elections in January 2005 for a Democratic government so they can reduce reliance on U.S. forces. The Sunni insurgency in Iraq will fade away once election are held to elect an Iraqi government so the American soldiers can go back to their base. The Sunni insurgents in Iraq are hoping that through a delay tactic, they can drive a wedge between U.S. forces and Ayatullah Sistani's followers. But they are wrong again.


Now, all the Middle East dictators who are fearful of a Democratic Iraq are spending their dollars to delay the January 2005 elections to drive a wedge between the Shias and their American allies.


We encourage the current Iraqi government to press ahead for a free election on January 2005. And, if some Sunni or Kurdish group boycotts the election, it does not matter. Once they see a Democratic government is in power that respects everyone's human rights and civil liberties, then they will agree to participate more in the next election 4 years from now.


Please remember that all dictators in the Middle East (friend or foe) are against a Democratic Iraq. Even some of the America allies (friendly dictators) in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan are against American success in Iraq. A Democratic Middle East is not their wish. The dictators want the status quo. The Middle Eastern terrorists also want the status quo so they can recruit. A Democratic Middle East and a Resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli problem is the final solution for the War on Terror and the War on Tyrants and Dictators.


Please let us know if you agree that the election must go on in January 2005 or not, and why.