1.        Preface

2.        Introduction

3.        Hazrat Muhammad.(PBUH)

4.        Ameer Ul-Momineen Hazrat Ali.(AS)

5.        Hazrat Fatima Zahra.(AS)

6.        Hazrat Imam Hassan.(AS)

7.        Hazrat Imam Hussain.(AS)

8.        Hazrat Imam Zain Ul-Abidin(AS)

9.        Hazrat Imam Muhammad Baqir.(AS)

10.     Hazrat Imam Jaffar-E Sadiq.(AS)

11.     Hazrat Imam Musa Kazim.(AS)

12.     Hazrat Imam Reza.(AS)

13.     Hazrat Imam Ali Naqi.(AS)

14.     Hazrat Imam Muhammad Taqi.(AS)

15.     Hazrat Imam Hassan Askart.(AS)

16.     The Imam of The Age.(M.A.H.H.D.)



In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.


            We as Muslims are charged with a great duty. Many of us are involved in Islamic organizations so long as that work does not become an inconvenience to us. We worry about what is happening in other countries but we really do not care about the Muslims that we make prayer next to. We as a community have no real love for this way of life. All we have is a true love of this world. Allah says in the Holy Quran 5:55-56;

“Your real friends are no less than Allah, His Messengers and the Fellowship of Believers—those who establish regular prayers and regular charity. And they bow down humbly in worship.


As to those who turn for friendship to Allah, His Messengers, and the Fellowship of Believers—it is the Fellowship of Allah that must certainly triumph.”



            Yet with such words from Allah the God we say that we worship, we still reject Muslims in favor of non-Muslims. We love the ways of the non-Muslim, we strive to be like the non-Muslim. We try our hardest to find loopholes to justify our actions so we can still go on calling ourselves MUSLIMS. How dare we take such a stand, do we not realize that we will stand before Allah on the Day that the earth is torn to pieces, the Day of Judgement? Do we as Muslims believe that we are free from the wraith of The Almighty, that we can not or will not taste His Anger? The title Muslim means the one who has peacefully submitted its will to Allah. Yet we ignore the Quran, we find ways around the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and we make excuses about our beliefs. My dear Brothers the only will that we have submitted to is the will of the non-Muslim and we have thanked him for letting us surrender our faith in Allah.

            There are those among us that believe that since their parents came from a Muslim country that they are Muslim. This is wrong, we are not Jews, our faith is not one of blood relations. Islam is a faith of declaration. The man born into a Muslim family is no better than the man who gave up his old life to be a Muslim.

            The Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) said “that none of you truly believes until he wants for his brother what we wants for himself”. This, my ‘Brothers’ does not mean in the parental sense but in the Islamic sense, your brother is anyone who has proclaimed the Oneness of Allah and the Prophethood of Muhammad (peace be upon him). We must look at what we do, why we do it, and how we do it before the time comes when there are no second chances.

            I pray that Allah will guide us ever closer to the right path, that we may be given the blessings of Allah in the Hereafter. As-Salamu Alaikum war Rahmatulahi wa Barakatu.



            If we were to look at society today what would we see? This would depend on were we looked and who we were to look at. Unfortunately in western society the images that we see most often are those of underdressed women, alcohol use, fornication, adultery, and many other vices that prevail in our society. Many people praise the freedom that we have in the West, but this freedom has come with a price. For the Muslims in the West especially in America, anti-Islamic behaviors and attitudes bombard us at every turn. Even if we go to the Mosque or to other Islamic functions we must fight off the bad habits of those around us.

            America is not the enemy, the West is not the enemy, as many have tried to say. So we must ask who is the enemy? Unfortunately the true enemy is much closer than we would ever dare admit. This enemy is ourselves. We are our worst enemy. It is true that people drink in the west, it is true that people fornicate in the west, and the list goes on about what people are free to do in the west that is not allowed in many other places. These things in them selves posses no problem, the problem is that the Muslims that see this type of life-style for the first time have fallen head long into it. The western life-style has swallowed them up like a huge fish. When these Muslims were in their homelands they did not know of, or see many of these things, they were not subjected to such immoral behavior from every angle. Also these new comers saw this freedom as an opportunity to experience new ‘fun and exciting’ things.

               So can it truly be said that a society can be blamed for them actions of a people? If this can be applied and Western society is to be blamed for the actions of the Muslims who have been effected by this society. Then we as Muslims are not men, to blame anything besides ourselves is a weak a stupid attempt to pass the buck so to say. We as Muslims must take responsibility for our own actions. Each and everyone of us is responsible for our own actions. No other influence can be blamed, when a Muslim travels to the West or Westerner travels to the ‘East’ a gun is not put to a Muslims head and forced to drink alcohol or to fornicate. Muslims are not forced to abandon Prayer, Muslims choose to partake in these activities. This point must be emphasized I say again that Muslims CHOOSE to do these things or in the case prayer or other Islamic practices choose to give them up.

            The All Merciful has allowed us the ability to choose what we want to do. We as human beings have free will, something that is unknown to any other creation of Allah, The One, and The Only. So be it, there is no compulsion in religion, there are still some things that must be noticed and others that must be observed, especially if one calls themselves a Muslim.  In this day and age there is no fear of death in Western culture if one dares to be different. No one is going to rush into our homes if we choose not to gamble or if we choose to perform prayer in a Mosque. Those in Western society do not care what the Muslims practice. It is the Muslim that views his practices as different and foreign it is at this time that he chooses to change his behavior so he can fit in to society. We as Muslims choose to conform to Western society.

            There was a time when Muslims lived for the pleasure of Allah and they fought to be able to practice their beliefs. Many were killed in these battles to overcome the societal norm. Unfortunately it is the lives of these people that we have forgotten about. Our predecessors wanted latter generations to have the opportunity to live as Muslims. These people of the past gave us an example of how to live life as a MUSLIM. You may ask how did they do such a thing? The answer is simple. These people of Islamic times long gone, simply refused to bend in the face adversity and chose to live in a manner set forth by Allah and His last Messenger, the Prophet Muhammad.

             You could ask ‘what difference would it make if I started acting like a Muslim?’, or ‘why should I bother?’ the answer to both of these problematic questions is this we owe it to ourselves. We who call ourselves Muslims owe it to Allah who created us. We owe it to the last Prophet of Allah, and we owe it to those who gave up wealth and health to insure that Islam would survive. Our Islamic forefathers set the groundwork of how we should live. None of them said ‘I will pray as long as people don’t mind.’ None of these people said that they would only practice those things that made the people around them happy. The Muslims in the beginning of Islam known as the Sahabah who said ‘We hear and we obey!’

 Many of us as Muslims know that the use of or any contact with alcohol is strictly forbidden. At the time of revelation against alcohol it is said that the streets followed with alcohol. With all things connected to alcohol destroyed.

            Yet many calling themselves Muslims sit behind sales counters selling alcohol. With the excuse that they need the money. It is this point that needs to be looked at. ‘I need the money’ is a fraise that is used far to frequently. It must be noticed that if we are motivated simply by the need for money, that becomes the thing that you worship, and it is at that point that you leave the fold of Islam and commit greater shirk.

            Many Muslims notice that there are problems within the Islamic nation or Ummah. Some of these say what can we do, other say what can be done, and yet others just close their eyes. This last group of Muslims may be the most pitiful of the three. If you become sick you would go to see a doctor, if you were told that you had cancer, you would ask to have it removed. You would not walk out of his office, home and sit down in front of the television and say that the problem will just go away. That would be stupid. Yet the Muslims of today see the problems that exist, and they have the audacity to think that our problems will just go away.

            We must first recognize that there is a problem before we can work on curing the problem.  I hope that by reading this introduction that you have come to see that maybe, just maybe a problem might be afflicting the Muslim Ummah. Now the purpose held in writing this work is to show that we as Muslims have a choice in how we live. And that there are examples of how we can live our live. This work will  focus on fourteen people many of  my readers know these people as the fourteen Infallibles, others will know them as the Fourteen Pure Souls whatever the title is that you use to describe these fourteen people the meaning is the same. The lives of these fourteen peoples stands as a pillar of how those who call themselves Muslims should live. They also show that humans can live as Muslims.

            It is hoped that you read this work with an open mind. Thank you.

                                                                                Hazrat Muhammad

                                                           The Seal of Prophets

            In a time long ago a man was born that would lead a cause that would change the world. This man would be blessed with knowledge directly from Allah Himself. That man was Muhammad may Allah’s peace be upon him. In the desert sands of Arabia the people were given to idol worship and violent acts against each other, these same people had forgotten who had created them and why they had been created.

            So Allah placed among these people man who would bring them back to the right path. At the time of the Prophets birth his father had already died, and his mother would soon follow, leaving his up bring to Muhammad’s grandfather. Yet again death would come and take his grandfather. So Muhammad then moved to the house of his uncle Abu Talib, a trader by profession and a man respected by the people of Mecca. It is through his uncle that Muhammad got the opportunity to travel to many places and also met his first wife Khadija.

            Now Muhammad at the age of twenty-five was asked to sell some goods in another country which he gladly did he was chosen for this duty because of his excellent character and reputation of being an honest man. He was accompanied by Khadija’s servant who was to watch Muhammad and keep him company. It is this servant that noticed that the sun even in the hottest part of the never shined on Muhammad, nor did he ever feel its’ heat. When they had reached a place that was used by many traders as a place to rest Khadija’s servant went to talk with a monk that tended this place. When the monk and Khadija’s servant saw Muhammad sitting under a tree the monk said that that man is no other than a prophet of God.