ADL: Justice: If you hire a person to work for you for $3.00/hour, 8 hours a day and you pay him at the end of the day, you have acted justly.

GHEST: Fairness: You hire a person whose work is worth $10.00/hour and you pay him $5.00/hour. You should not try to squeeze people who need a job and are willing to work for whatever you pay them. Be fair and pay them fairly and justly.

Quran 3-18: "Allah (himself) is witness that there is no God save him and angels and the men of learning (too are witnesses) maintaining his creation in justice and fairness. There is no God but him, the Almighty, the Wise."

Quran 16-97: "Whosoever does a good deed (Amal’ Saleh) whether male or female and is a believer, we shall reward him with a good life and we shall recompense them to the best of what they have done."

Quran 99-7: "Anyone who has done an atom weight of good shall see it and anyone who has done an atom weight of evil shall see it too."



Quran 7-29: Say, "My Lord had commanded justice and fairness."

Quran 5-8: "O ye who believe stand out firmly for Allah as witness to justice and fairness."

Quran 103-1: "By the time, verily man is in loss except those who have faith and do righteous deeds and promote justice and fairness, patience and constancy."



The Prophet (PBUH) said, "One who dies and does not know the Imam of his time (Imam Asr), dies the death of pagan, Sahih Bukhari.

Quran 5-55: "Verily your guardian (Vali) is Allah (SWT), the Prophet (PBUH) and the believer who prays, pays Zakat, and gives while in Ruku (bowing in prayer) – [refer to Ali Ibn Abutalib (RA)].

Quran 17-71: "On the day of judgement, we shall call human beings with their Imams (leader)."

Quran 2-124: "And remember that Abraham (RA) was tried by his lord with certain commands which he fulfilled" and Allah said, "I will make you an Imam (leader) to the people." Abraham (RA) said, "and also leader (Imam) from my offspring." Allah said, "but my promise does not include evil doers."

Quran 4-59: "O ye who believe, obey God and obey the Prophet (PBUH) and obey Ulol Amr [(Ahlul Bayt) (pious leaders who emulate the Prophet (PBUH)], with authority among you."

Quran 38-26: "O David we did make you a Khalifeh (leader) on earth; so judge between men in truth and justice. Do not follow the lust of your heart, it will mislead you from the path of Allah. For those who wander astray from the path of Allah is a grave punishment."


Quran 9-34: "O ye who believer there are indeed many among the priests who, in falsehood, devour the wealth of men and hinder them from the way of Allah and there are those who horde gold and silver, and spend it not in a way of Allah, announce unto them a most grievous punishment."