“Ena Akramakom End Allah Atghakom” Quran

“Dearest Person to God is the Pious Person”



We have a dream that one day in the West Los Angeles area, we can find 100 Momen Muslim families who are willing to form a group.  These families should get together once or twice a week in an ideal Islamic gathering without tobacco, alcohol, gambling, nudity; without dancing, foul language and dirty jokes.  These families should get together with their children and grandchildren, with their parents and grandparents and meet other Momen Muslim families.  We want our children to meet other Momen Muslim families.  We want our children to play together, grow up together in an Islamic family atmosphere.  Our youth must see each other more often and eventually marry each other to make this family bigger and stronger.


We have a dream that one day this Momen Muslim family group will invest in building an Islamic elementary,  middle and high school in the West Los Angeles area. Islamic schools will reduce our children’s exposure to the evils of the public school up to 8 hours per day.  An Islamic school is the best way we can educate our children and build a base for our future community in America.  L.A.’s public school is becoming more aggressive in so-called “sex education” and in addition to providing condoms to our youth, they are planning to promote gay lifestyle in elementary and middle school.  More than 30% of high school kids smoke tobacco, drink beer and wine, and have premarital sex.  Teenage pregnancy, venereal disease and drug addiction is increasing very fast.  We must have an Islamic school as soon as possible, and we must save our children now.


We have a dream that one day this Momen Muslim family group will invest in an Islamic communication network and produce an Islamic newspaper, radio and television program.  We need an Islamic network to spread our message among all good and Godly families, and warm them about the moral corruption in America and the dangers of tobacco, alcohol, nudity, gambling, and illicit drugs that are destroying this country from the inside. 


We have a dream that one day this Momen Muslim group will spread all over America and will rise to show their strength and commitment, and will change the face of America.  We will build Islamic schools, masjids, clinics, hospitals, and senior citizen centers all over America.  We will make America the moral leader of the world. 


Why must our children’s friends come from Momen, Muslim families?   If our children’s friends are not from a Momen family, when they go out for pizza, our kids are not allowed to eat pepperoni (pork), but if the friend is  not Momen, he may want to eat pork.  Later in life, the kaffer (unbeliever) friend may want to experiment with cigarette, but for our kids, cigarette is haram.  Later the kaffer teenage  friend may want  to have beer or a glass of wine, but for our kids, alcohol is haram.  Later on, the kaffer teenage friend wants to date, go dancing at nightclubs and cabarets, but our teenagers are not allowed to date, go dancing or to nightclubs.  It is very difficult to separate your teenagers from their kaffer friends, but it is much easier to convince your kids at age 3 that their Momen Muslim friends are their best friends for life.  Your children will obey and they will listen to you and will thank you for your wisdom when they form their own family.  Our children must learn that they should love and respect all of God’s children, but be close friends with only the good and Godly families and stay away from bad and evil ones.