Older couples, after age 50, go through lots of hormonal changes; scalp hair is lost or turns gray, hearing and vision become impaired, skin wrinkles become prominent. Various diseases such as arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity become common health problems. Both parties feel that youthfulness and beauty is gone. Sometimes they feel that in order to enjoy youthfulness for the last time, they embark on extra-marital affairs. Adultery usually with a younger partner is common. Older couples are relatively wealthier than the younger counter part. Therefore, younger people usually seek older people for financial security and desire for worldly things. The children are grown and gone from home. These couples feel lonely and isolated if they do not have a loving relationship with their spouse. They are both vulnerable to make the ultimate mistake of adultery and its consequences.

Therefore, in older couples, the feelings of getting old, sick and looking unattractive, pushes them to adultery with a younger person to feel better about themselves, which usually makes the situation much worse. They end up in embarassing situations, divorce, loneliness, emptiness, and uselessness and may attempt suicide.

Older couples do not have much sexual desire for each other. If they are not family-oriented and do not have a lot of children and grandchildren, their life becomes empty and they feel useless and depressed. To reduce the high rate of divorce in older couples, ISLAM IS THE SOLUTION.

ISLAM IS THE SOLUTION: Older couples, if they are Momen, do not smoke, drink or gamble. They stay away from adultery and its consequences. They are afraid of GOD who is constantly watching them. They are interested in going to various Islamic events and do humanitarian work, and seek new ways to do the right thing in the path of God. They become very busy with godly work. They do not think about cheating, adultery and destroying their marriage. When we are young, we work very hard to succeed in this world; we get the best education and work hard to save money to become financially secure. If we are wise as a Momen Muslim, we should try to prepare ourselves for the next life, too. We do not want to land in the world after-life unprepared. As an example, if you know that you must go on a long trip, you prepare for a big luggage with all necessary items in it. How could you not be prepared for the final trip of your life, which is "Death"? You know you cannot escape death.

Muslim couples learn to live modestly within their financial capability. They do not need and do not desire fancy cars, home or jewelry. Muslim couples spend time together helping other people in the path of God. They try to build schools, clinics, feed the poor or help a family who needs help. They constantly thank Allah (SWT) for what they have. They do not care about their spouse’s outwardly appearance that much. They stay away from emphasis on beauty and avoid cosmetic surgery or urological surgery to appear younger. They are young at heart and try to stay beautiful, spiritually.

Please come back to God and save your marriage and your family and future generations.