In Islam, the cornerstone of a successful ummah is FAMILY; "Husband, Wife, and many Children". Muslims are encouraged to marry as soon as possible. Addition of children to newlywed couples causes new issues such as the children’s upbringing and their education. Couples need to spend more time with their children. At this stage, Shaytani (i.e. smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs, gambling, nudity and adultery) are the most common causes of divorce.

Islam is the Solution: By avoiding Shaytani, the main cause is alleviated. Also, Islam gives you guidelines on how to raise your children. Financial problems will diminish because as a good Muslim, you are modest, content and shaker. Shaker is a person who constantly thanks God for what he/she has, and not complain about what they do not have. If you do not have fashionable, expensive shoes, you thank God for having feet. Children with divorced parents go through significant social and psychological problems and it is unfair to put them through that if you believe in God and the Day of Judgement.

When divorced children live with their father and the father has a girlfriend or a second wife, these kids become stepchildren and they become devastated, emotionally and psychologically. Their self-esteem and self-worth is ruined; they do not do well in school, and their future is destroyed. A lot of them end up in depression and some commit suicide.

If divorced children live with their mother, which is more common in California, the mother is not financially capable of taking care of them, therefore, she gets a boyfriend to help her financially. Different boyfriends and characters have devastating effects on the children, either boy or girl. Sometimes these kids experience abuse, molestation and a lot of other problems. If the mother gets married which is usually not common, the children will become stepchildren. They first lost their father, and now their mother. The children may turn to smoking, drugs, alcohol and gambling, which makes the situation worse. 80% of crimes and criminals in prison are from broken families, and divorced parents with alcohol and drug problems. To save our community from a lifetime of psychological and physical torture, we must stay away from Shaytan and his vices: tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gambling, nudity, adultery and divorce.









The difference in character and culture of 2 people, their families, and their attitude toward following Halal/Haram rules is a major cause of divorce in this age group.

Financial problems of both sides, not able to live independently. Both sides have to rely on their parents for help.

Desire to have fancy cars, clothes, home, jewelry, and not being able to obtain it causes serious disagreements.

Competition with other young couples who have more than they do to obtain worldly things.

These arguments will impact their sexual relationship with their spouse and they enter into a vicious cycle that ends up in adultery and divorce. Divorce causes severe loneliness, depression, and suicide.


When you want to choose your spouse, you may choose them for their wealth, family name, beauty or piety. Our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) said: "Fortunate are those who choose their spouse for their piety and godliness". Choose your spouse from Momen Muslim families. Attend various Islamic events to find your spouse. Finding your spouse in a bar or a dance floor may bring you pain and suffering for the rest of your life.

Islam will teach you modesty and your priority in life becomes pleasing Allah (SWT) instead of running more and more after worldly things. As a result, you will have more peace in your family and you will be able to prosper on the right path, and stay happy and content.

If you both submit your will to the Will of Allah (SWT), then you do not have to compete with each other or other couples. Competition will be to see who is more obedient to Allah (SWT) and, Inshaallah, you will be able to run Shaytan out of your home and out of your relationship.

Do not allow Shaytan in your life. Shaytan will enter your home and your relationship with your spouse through smoking and its side effects, through alcohol and drugs by altering your mind and affecting your judgement. By gambling, nudity and adultery, you then end up in divorce, loneliness, depression and suicide. Dealing with Shaytan is the same as dealing with the Mafia or gangs – you may temporarily get rich and laugh, and feel happy, but it will not last and has serious consequences. To get rid of Shaytan, follow Halal/Haram rules and Shaytan and gangs will leave you alone.

5. Adultery is one of the most common causes of divorce. To eliminate this cause from your relationship, please try to have Islamic dress if you are courageous enough. Avoid friends who are not Momen and who smoke, drink, gamble or use foul language to be funny. Stay with your Momen community. Avoid going to sin cities that have open gambling, nudity and prostitution.