Dear Friends,


We want to take this time to extend our heartfelt condolences to our Christian brothers and sisters, especially to our Catholic friends, for the death of Pope John Paul II on Saturday, April 2, 2005 in Rome. He was one of the most progressive Popes. He got credit for extending his hand in friendship toward Muslims and Jews. He was instrumental in bringing down communism, the Godless ideology in the former Soviet Union. He tirelessly promoted peace and human rights all over the world. God bless his soul. We are sure he is with the Beloved Allah (SWT). Let us use this opportunity to educate ourselves in the similarities and differences between Catholicism and Islam.





Believe in One God, Creator of the World

Believe in One God in 3 Layers: The Father (God), Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit

Believe in One God, Creator of the Whole World, Owner of the Day of Judgment

Prophets of God

Do not believe in Jesus as Prophet of God. Consider Jesus as actual Son of God. Accept Moses as Prophet. Recently, Vatican accepted Islam as an Abrahamic Religion.

Believe Abraham, Ishmael, Jacob, Noah, Moses, Jesus and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were all Prophets of God.

Heaven or Hell.

Angels and Holy Book.

Believe in Heaven and Hell. One must accept Jesus to be able to go to Heaven. Accept Angels and the Torah.

Believe Heaven is for people who believe in God and obey God's order. Hell is for followers of Shaytan. Believe in all Angels and all God's Holy Books.

Various Practices

Priest and Nuns do not get married, practicing celibacy.

Mula do get married, practicing abstinence outside of marriage.

Dress Code

Modesty, Beard, Head Cover, Long Loose Clothing

Modesty, Beard, Head Cover, Long Loose Clothing

Food and Drink

Allowed to eat Pork and drink Alcohol. Beer and Wine in Moderation.

Not allowed to eat Pork or drink any form of Alcohol (Wine or Beer). They are Haram (Forbidden).

Gambling, Lottery

Allowed in Moderation.

Not allowed.

Nudity, Pre-Marital Sex, Divorce

Moderation in Clothing. Pre-Marital Sex is not allowed. Divorce is not allowed.

Nudity not allowed. Sex outside marriage not allowed. Divorce is allowed as last choice.

Adultery, Fornication

Not allowed.

Not allowed.

Birth Control

Not allowed.

Birth Control is allowed.

Abortion, Early or Late

Not allowed.

Not allowed.

In Vitro Fertilization

Allowed between husband and wife.

Allowed between husband and wife, but borrowing sperm or ovum is not allowed.

Stem Cell Research on Fertilized Egg

Not allowed.


Gay Marriage and Gay Lifestyle

Not allowed.

Not allowed.


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