Biblical Origin of Blacks Resenting Jews

According to the Bible, new and old testament (Genesis, 9:20), Prophet Noah had a son named Ham. One day the Prophet got drunk and passed out in his tent in the nude. His son Ham did a shameful act to him and when Noah got up, he cursed Ham's son, Canaan. As a result, Canaan's skin turned dark and his hair became fuzzy (he became a Negro). Canaan was then ordered to serve his Caucasian brothers forever. Islam's stand on the question is: The whole story is a manmade addition to the Bible, Prophet Noah was a good Prophet and never got drunk. His son, Ham, never invaded his father and the whole thing was created to keep blacks subservient to whites. Blacks and Muslims resent this reference and believe it should be removed from the Bible.

Quran 49-13

Say O Mankind we created you from

single soul male and female and make into

nations and tribes, so that you may know one another.

Verily the best of you in the sight of GOD

is the one who is most conscious of GOD.