The Prophet (PBUH) promoted Islam as a religion of social justice, pious leadership and modesty. After his death (11 AH), these principles started shifting to the right. Abobakr Sadigh (RA) and Umar (RA) were very modest but Osman (RA) was an old and incapable leader, and gave more authority and power to Moavieh Ibn Abosofyan, Governor of Damascus. After a big riot in Medina, Osman was killed (35 AH). Imam Ali (RA) was elected as the fourth khalifeh and wanted to bring Islam back to modesty, piety and social justice. All of the elite wealthy groups fought with him; first Talheh and Zobir (in Jamal War) (36 AH), then Moavieh (in Saffin War) (38 AH). After Imam Ali’s death (40 AH), Islam was shifted totally to the right. Moavieh established a monarchy in his own family and lived like a king similar to the current Saudi rulers, with huge castles, luxurious lifestyles and corruption rampant in the name of Khalifeh Rasoul Allah. Underclass, poor people, Sayedan (Prophet’s descendants), Shiayan (followers), and Ahlul Bayt went underground for fear of persecution, torture and murder. Most of our 12 Imams were killed at a very young age. As a result of our 12th Imam’s efforts, Quran and Islamic principles were kept untouched and passed on through the centuries from one generation to another until today. Now, for the first time, we can discuss it in freedom in America.

After the Prophet’s (PBUH) death, for the next 25 years, Abobakr (RA), Umar (RA) and Osman (RA) ruled as 3 khalifehs of Rasoul Allah. During this period, high class Sahabehs (Sadibn Abivagas, Abdolrahman Oof, Talheh and Zobier) prospered and became very wealthy. Poor Sahabehs (Bilal, Abozr Ghafari, Salman Farci, Amar) were isolated and ignored. Abozar Ghafari was arguing with Moavieh (30 AH) that luxurious lifestyles that you have is not Islamic. If money is yours, where did you get it from and spending it is extravagant. If money that you spend is not yours and is from Baitulmal (treasury), then you are a thief. Moavieh deported Abozar from Damascus to Medina and Osman deported him to Rabaseh, a desert location. Abozar and his family died there because of starvation. This class war was continued during Imam Ali (RA). All rich Sahabehs started war against Imam Ali (RA) in the Jamal War and in Saffin War. Imam Ali (RA) was martyred in 40 AH. From 40 AH until 20 years ago, the underclass Shia Muslims were persecuted, tortured and killed for the love of the Prophet (PBUH) and his Ahlul Bayt, and not accepting corrupt rulers.

ISLAM WILL GROW VERY FAST IN AMERICA BECAUSE ISLAM ADVOCATES SOCIAL JUSTICE AND PIOUS LEADERSHIP. America is thirsty for social justice and moral leadership. All Ibrahamic religions more or less agree with Tohid (God is one), Nebovat (prophethood) and Mead (Day of Judgement).

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) emphasized social justice (ADL) and pious leadership (Emamat) and living in modest lifestyle. These principles brought all Iranians and Romans who were tired and frustrated with their own imperial corrupt rulers to Islam. In the next millenium, Islamic ideology is very attractive and appealing to our American youth because it supports social justice, pious leadership and modesty.

We believe discussion between Tashayo (Shiayan) and Tasanon (Sonnian) is good, healthy and helps the growth and understanding of Islam. It creates a healthy competition and live interaction similar to discussions between the Republicans and Democrats seen in America.

Shia and Sunni are both each other’s brother and should not get into any argument, fighting or violence related to their religion. We have a big responsibility to be very civilized yet firm in reaching our goal of "PROMOTING ISLAM IN AMERICA".

We want America to be the Moral Leader of the World. Islam can build superior people like Abozar Ghafari, Salman Farci or Bilal. Islam can build superior Muslim leaders like Imam Ali (RA), Imam Hossein (RA), and others. With good Muslims and good leaders, we can build a society that is perfect in the sight of God. That is why Allah (SWT) brought us here to America and said Islam will rise from the West.