Dear Brothers & Sisters:


Once again, the Russian Army is carpet bombing innocent Muslim women and children in Chechnya, thousands of our Muslims brothers and sisters have died, injured or have run into the Mountain for safety.  These innocent Muslims have been accused of being terrorists and the whole world is sitting idle while the Russian Army is committing this horrendous genocide.


What can we do?


1.            We should have regular peaceful demonstrations in front of the Russian Consulate or Embassy all over America and demand the Russian Army to stop killing now.  These rallies must continue until honorable peace is achieved in Chechnya.


2.            Please write to the White House, Congress and Senate, and ask for immediate peace for Chechnya.


3.            Make a copy of this letter and send it to 20 friends and families, and ask them to do so.


4.            A list of all Southern California Islamic Centers are enclosed for your file.


5.            Call Lyoma Usmanov (301) 588-5373, Chechnya Representative in U.S. for a word of encouragement to financial assistance.