Dear Brothers & Sisters:

I recently read a book that is highly recommended to all Muslims, especially Muslims who are involved in Dawat. I will try to summarize the book in the next few pages for you enough to stimulate your thought to read the whole book. The book is called The Bible, The Quran and Science by Dr. Maurice Bucaille, a french surgeon. The book was published by American Trust Publications in 1979. Dr. Bucaille says that as an educated person with a scientific mind, it is very hard to believe in a holy book with the word of God being the ultimate source of knowledge if the holy book contradicts modern science. With that in mind, he concludes that the Holy Quran is the word of God untampered by humans and not contradicting science. In the case of the old testament or new testament, the human modification has made it scientifically unacceptable. To prove his point, he is giving the following examples:

1. Creation of the world: Genesis 1:1: The world was created in 6 days, light was created on the first day and the sun was created on the 4th day. This is scientifically incorrect.

The Quran says that God created the world in 6 periods.

2. Genesis 1:7 indicates on the first day water was created everywhere and God separated the waters with firmament into heaven and earth on Day 2. This is scientifically incorrect. At the beginning, the whole world was a gaseous mass and was then divided and cooled off (big bang hypothesis).

The Quran says the world was a gaseous mass before it was divided up.

3. Genesis 1:13 states God created vegetables on the third day and the sun was created on the 4th day.

It is not scientifically acceptable to have vegetables survive without the sun.

4. In the Jewish calendar, the year of creation is 5755. This is based on the date that Prophet Adam came to earth (Genesis 4:1) and the world was created.

This is not scientifically correct. The world was created millions of years ago as were the humans on earth.

5. The story of the flood - Genesis 6:7. The Bible indicates that the big flood 4000 years ago was universal and the whole world was destroyed except for Prophet Noah and his arc. This is not scientifically possible and historically is not correct. Other nations existed 4000 years ago and were not affected by the flood.

The Quran indicates that the flood was a local event and not a worldwide flood.

Dr. Bucaille calls the Bible "the memories of the apostles". Mathew was a customs officer who wrote his memories of Jesus, Mark was an eyewitness to Jesus' life, Luke was a physician who wrote about Jesus. John was very close to Jesus and wrote his memory, and Paul who wrote his letters in 50 A.D., was a supporter of separating Christianity from Judaism. Paul did not know Jesus when Jesus was alive, but saw Jesus' spirit when he was going to Damascus. Paul wrote major portions of the Bible and advocated that male Christians may not be circumcised and may eat pork in order to be different from the Jews. He promoted many differences that exist between Jews and Christians. The 4 gospels were produced 70-110 years after Jesus' death. The description of various events are different in the 4 gospels indicating human error.

6. The genealogy of Jesus, according to Mathew and the old testament, indicates that Abraham lived in 1850 B.C., and from Abraham to prophet Adam the first man was 20 generations of man.

This is scientifically incorrect. From the first man to Prophet Abraham, there were probably millions of years and millions of generations.

7. Dr. Bucaille points out, with reference, many contradictions between the 4 gospels and Paul's letters on important events like Jesus' death, resurrection, ascension, and the last super (pages 82-102).

Dr. Bucaille then examines the Quran by the same standards and points out various miracles of the Quran. He concludes that the Quran is the only Holy Book that is the word of God in total, unaltered by human hands and preserved in its original language and text, and could not have been written by the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) without revelation from God. God through the Angel Gebrael, revealed the Quran to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) piece by piece over a 23 year period. As Prophet was uttering revealed portions, his companions wrote it down. It then was put together a few years after the Prophet's death into its existing format. One of the original copies of the Quran compiled by Khalifeh Ottman still exists in its original form in the Istanbul Museum in Turkey.

I hope you will find time to read the book in detail. God Bless You and Your Family.