AIDS is a devastating fatal disease of the immune system. There are 40 million HIV positive patients in the world and one million in the United States. Each year 3 million people die of AIDS and 5 million new people become HIV positive in the world.


Symptoms: Diarrhea, weight loss, severe weakness, fever, chills, shortness of breath, pneumonia, cancer of the skin, leukemia (cancer of the blood), and painful death.


Cause: Majority of the cases in the United States are seen in gay men and their partner(s), bisexual men and their male and female partners, IV drug users and their male and/or female sexual partners, and male or female prostitutes and their sexual partners. Post-transfusion HIV and HIV in hemophiliac cases are very rare in the United States. Children born from HIV positive mothers have a high risk of getting AIDS.


Treatment: Various antiviral pills. Up to 20-30 tablets/day to reduce the viral load and prolong life. There is no cure.


Prevention is the best treatment. The single most effective way of preventing AIDS is abstinence (avoiding sex outside of marriage).


Gay men = Abstinence in males will prevent the spread of AIDS in gay men. Condom is a bad second choice because it has a 5% chance of failure.


Bisexuals = Abstinence in bisexual men or women will prevent the spread of AIDS from male to female, and ping ponging back and forth. Condom is a bad second choice.


IV Drug Users = IV drug users, by sharing needles, spread hepatitis and HIV among other users. Users with HIV positive spread the virus to their male or female sexual partners, ultimately to their wife and children. In these cases, access to clean needles and use of condom may prevent the spread of HIV from the drug user to their spouse.


Prostitutes = Male and female prostitutes are spreading AIDS all over the world. They must be contained, certified and given condoms. In this category, we must try to minimize the damage.


Post-transfusion = Detecting the HIV virus in blood and blood product donors are very advanced now. Almost all blood transfusions and blood products available are very safe for usage.


As you can see, for preventing sexually transmitted disease, hepatitis, herpes and HIV/AIDS, we must start intensive education, promoting abstinence in 10 year old children or older. Separating schools for boys and girls must be studied. Drug testing to prevent tobacco, alcohol and drug use must be promoted in middle and high schools. Tax laws must be changed to promote early marriage and penalize divorce, adultery, fornication and other sinful actions.