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Islam and Quran is fixed but understanding and interpretation of Quran is variable. Different people understand religion differently based on their education, culture, intention and political motivation.


Before 6 weeks of pregnancy, abortion is a medical decision like appendectomy, it depends on condition of fetus and health of mother and opinion of father. Abortion is like a divorce: God does not like it, but if you have to do the abortion to save the mother's life, then you have no choice. Abortion on demand is haram in Islam. In Islam, woman does not have a choice to cut off her finger, but if the finger is infected then she has to agree to it. In Islam, woman does not have a choice to kill her baby because life is sacred for mother and baby.


After 6 weeks of pregnancy, fetus is a baby. No one is allowed to kill the baby, unless killing the baby is necessary to save the mother's life. One must have 2 or 3 doctors' opinion before therapeutic abortion is performed.


Late term abortion or partial birth abortion. In this procedure 8 or 9 month old baby will be extracted from the womb by force, sometime cutting the baby in pieces to perform the abortion. Fortunately, this procedure was banned in United States under leadership of President Bush and Republican Congress in 2003.


Parental Notification. When a 15 year old girl goes to doctor for a sore throat, she must have permission from her parents so the doctor can give her penicillin. But, currently, if a 15-year-old pregnant girl goes to an abortionist (we do not like to call them doctors) for $500 insurance payment, the abortionist can perform the abortion without parental consent from the girl. This is bad. We hope in the next Congress a law would be passed that if an underage girl wants to have an abortion, she must have parental consent. If a woman wants an abortion, she must have the husband's consent. We must change the culture of killing to a culture of life. We must be pro-life.


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