“Do not consider those who are slain in the path of Allah as dead.  Nay! 

They are living with their Lord, receiving their sustenance” (Quran 3-169)




Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab was born in 1703 CE in Najd, the southern part of Saudi Arabia.  The people of Najd were Hanbali Mazhab.  Abdul Wahab believed that the Hanbali sect was contaminated by a lot of false Hadith.  Therefore, he was mostly following Ibn Taymiah who was the 14th Century Muslim scholar who was against Taghlid (imitation) and against Ziarat (visiting tombs of saints).  In 1746 CE after Ibn Wahab was expelled from his town Uyayna in another city 6 hours away.  Muhammad Ibn Saud accepted him and the two of them started a band of militia, fighting the central government (Ottoman Empire).  They attacked various small towns, villages, rubbing people and forming their own local forces.  In 1773, they conquered Riyadh and became more powerful.  Ibn Wahab died in 1791.  The Al Saud clansman promoted the Wahabi ideology and slowly became powerful.  The British government helped the Al Saud family to undermine the Ottoman Empire.  Eventually, the Ottoman Empire was defeated in 1920 and Saudi Arabia became independent, the Al Saud family became the rulers. 


In the 18th Zul Hajja 1216 AH (200 years ago – Eid Ghadir), Prince Saud with 20,000 Wahabi gangs attacked the city of Karbela in Iraq, brutally killed 5000 of Shiayan, looted and burned the city.  The Wahabis destroyed the dome of Imam Hussain’s shrine and took a lot of booty from the site.  The central government did not do much about it. 


In 1218 AH, Abdul Aziz Al Saud and his gang attacked Mecca and looted the holy city and all the pilgrims.  In 1219 AH, he was killed by his son, Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz, who attacked Mecca and Medina, and took control of both cities and destroyed many shrines including Imam Hassan’s, Iman Sajad’s and Imam Jafar Sadeque’s shrine in Al Baghe, Medina. 



On the 9th of Ramadan 1225 AH, the Wahabis attacked Karbela again, looted the pilgrims and killed many Shias.  The Wahabis are against Taghlid (imitation) and they do not accept Marja Taghlid (leader for imitation).  Therefore, all 5 schools disagree with them.  Wahabis are so much against Taghlid that, at times, they imitate the Western leaders’ clothing, suit and tie, just to disagree with Muslim leaders  of the 5 schools (Shia, Hanafi, Hanbali, Malaki, Shafai).  Wahabis are against Ziarat of shrines of the Prophet (PBUH) and his Ahlul Bayt.  Therefore, they destroyed Imam Hassan’s shrine in Baghi in Medina and Imam Hussain’s shrine in Karbela.  Recently, they have spread the rumor that when you go to Hajj, you should not go to visit the Prophet’s (PBUH) shrine in Medina.  Otherwise, your Hajj is not accepted.  You may ask why Wahabis have so much hate and hostility against the Prophet (PBUH).  The answer is simple, go back to the history of Islam:


Abosofyan fought against the Prophet (PBUH) and Islam for 20 years and finally 3 years before the Prophet’s (PBUH) death, accepted Islam when Mecca was defeated.  Moavieh Ibn Abosofyan fought with Imam Ali for 30 years because Imam Ali was advocating social justice (ADL) and piety and Moavieh wanted to rule and live like Feron and Kasra.  Yazid Ibn Moavieh finally murdered Hussain Ibn Ali to stop Amre Be Maroof and Nahye Az Monkar (enjoying good deeds and forbidding evil deeds) by Hussain Ibn Ali.


For 1400 years, corrupt rulers killed Shiayan, Ahlul Bayt, and Seyedan to stop ADL (social justice) and Imamat (moral leadership).  Wahabis like Yazid said that the Prophet (PBUH) came, brought his message (Al Islam), and is dead and gone.  Wahabis like Yazid want to have the Quran only and interpret it anyway they want to.  They do not like the examples of the Prophet (PBUH) and his lifestyle as a role model for leadership.  Therefore, Shiayan and Seyedans have to fight for social justice and moral leadership until the Day of Judgement or until social justice prevails.  Wahabis will fight against Marja Taghlid and Ziarat to destroy the role models.  Shiayans must fight for the Quran as the constitution, the Prophet (PBUH) as role model, Fatimah Zahra, Imam Ali and the remaining 11 Imams as role models. 


In modern days, Shiayan must have an Ayatollah as Marja Taghlid and Velayat Faghih (pious leadership) and have beautiful shrines for our religious leaders so we

can visit and remind ourselves of true Islam and Muslims.  Wahabis are against Shafaat, again, to undermine the Prophet’s (PBUH) love and respect in front of Allah (SWT) and to say that the Prophet (PBUH) did not have permission from Allah (SWT) for intercession.  Shiayans defend intercession and say Allah (SWT) gave permission to the Prophet (PBUH) for intercession for pious followers (Shiayan and Seyedan).  The Prophet gave permission for intercession to his Ahlul Bayt to intercede on behalf of their pious followers to Allah (SWT).  Now you know Wahabis.  They wear suit and tie, and claim they are Muslim leaders, but they resent the Prophet’s (PBUH) clothing and outwardly appearance.  Wahabis are against intercession and asking the Prophet (PBUH) and Ahlul Bayt for their intercession on your behalf.   Wahabis are against Taghlid and Ziarat.


Wahabis and western powers joined together to destroy the Ottoman Empire.  Wahabis in modern days have become so rich and powerful, now they are on a collision course with America.  Because Wahabis are dictators and unjust rulers, they want to get away with violence.  America supports democracy, human rights and social justice, therefore, they will soon have a showdown and fight.  Wahabis cannot win because they are unjust, ruthless and violent.  As American-Muslims, we wish to have a moderate, just pious leaders for Muslim nations of the world.  Wahabis are now the main supporters of terrorists all over the world.  This is not Islamic and not justified.  Osama Bin Laden (a Wahabi millionaire) is on the top 10 most wanted by the FBI.  He will be captured soon, Inshaallah.


With all the differences of Aghida (opinion), we can still have a discussion with some of the moderate Wahabis and for the sake of unity, we must agree to be tolerant and flexible.  The best Shia leader (Dr. Khatami, president of Islamic Republic of Iran) was able to meet with Wahabi leaders in Saudi Arabia and negotiate an agreement to reduce the oil production.  As a result, oil prices went from $8.00 a barrel to $24.00 a barrel.  Billions of dollars went to the Muslim pocket because of unity and cooperation.  We can follow the same in America.  Let’s get together, Shia, Sunni, Sufi and Wahabis to promote Islam in America.  We can make America the moral leader of the world.