True Islam is based on the Quran as a constitution and the 14 Masums (saint) as role models for Zaher (appearance) and Baten (character and personality). Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) established the first Islamic government in Arabia 1400 years ago.  He was a political leader (President) and religious leader (Vali Imam).  He was in charge of military, too.  He was a just, fair and moral ruler and his country was ideal and a model Islamic community.  The Prophet’s major enemy was Abosofyan who fought with the Prophet for 20 years and only became Muslim when Makka was conquered and he had no other choice, along with Moavieh and Yazid (Abosofyan’s son and grandson).  During the Prophet’s time we had one Islam based on the Quran and the Prophet as a role model and leader. 


After the Prophet died, for 25 years Ali (RA) was the religious leader (Imam) with no military power and Abobakr, Omar, and Osman were Khalifeh (political leader with military power).  In 35 AH, Ali was elected as a political leader once again.  The political leader and religious leader was the same person.  Moavieh Ibn Abosofyan did not obey Ali (RA) and Islam was divided into two Islam. 


A.      Islam (Mohammad/Ali):      A just, fair, modest Godly ruler, a free society, and an ideal, just, and fair community.


B.      Islam (Abosofyan/Moavieh):   A corrupt, unjust ruler living like Feron in luxury and sin. 


In 40 AH, Ali (RA) was martyred, Moavieh became the 5th Khalifeh.  In 50 AH, Moavieh, the 5th Khalifeh poisoned and martyred the 2nd Imam, Hassan Ibn Ali.  In 60 AH, Moavieh died and his son, Yazid, became the 6th Khalifeh.  Imam Hossein Ibn Ali (3rd Imam) did not cooperate (Bayat) with Yazid.  He educated the public that a corrupt ruler like Yazid  Ibn Moavieh must not take the Prophet’s place and it is the duty of every Muslim to fight this corrupt ruler.  Yazid ordered his army to martyr Imam Hossein (RA) and 72 members of his family in Karbela (in Iraq) in Ashora (10th of Moharam), 61 AH.


Once again, we have 2 Islam:


A.               Islam (Mohammad/Ali/Hossein):  They wanted moral leadership, a just government, and a fair society with freedom and justice for all.  Imam Hossein (RA) proved that a small group can revolt against a powerful, corrupt government and eventually can succeed to destroy the injustice.


B.               Islam (Abosofyan/Moavieh/Yazid):  A corrupt government, unjust ruler, immorality, alcohol, gambling is promoted.  People are either very rich and corrupt surrounding Yazid or poor, innocent Momen but courageous surrounding Imam Hossein.


In 62 AH, Yazid attacked Medina and killed thousands of Shia Muslim who revolted in support of Imam Hossein’s (RA) ideology. 


In 63 AH, Yazid attacked Mekka and killed thousands of Shia Muslim supporters of Imam Hossein’s (RA) revolution.


In 64 AH, Yazid was murdered.  For the next 1000 years, corrupt Sunni Muslim rulers with their luxurious lifestyles lived and ruled like Ferron and Momen Muslims suffered with poverty, but kept their religion alive.  Four hundred years ago, Shia Muslim rulers gained power in Iran.  Very soon the corrupt Sunni rulers of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey, and corrupt, unjust Shia ruler governing Iran, started fighting with each other.  Momen people were still suffering oppression throughout the Muslim Empire either as a Sunni Muslim or Shia Muslim. 


Twenty years ago, Imam Khomeini lead the people’s revolution in Iran and destroyed 2500 years of corrupt monarchy and brought the Islamic Republic, and Islamic democracy to Iran.  Imam Khomeini had an impeccable reputation and died about 10 years ago.   The Islamic Republic system has a Vali Faghih (religious leader) who is elected from among religious leaders and has 2 terms of 5 years each, Vali Faghih has military power under his control.  The judiciary branch is independent;  another branch of the government is the Executive Branch; and the president is elected by the people every 4 years.  The President takes care of administrative items affecting the people’s lifestyles and comfort.  The Legislative Branch includes Congress that members are elected by the people every 6 years.  So after 1400 years now we have Islamic Republic in a Shia country.  On the other hand, look at our Sunni Muslim countries, Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Syria and Jordan.


In 1980, Iran helped Muslims in Afghanistan to defeat Russia and eventually the Islamic revolution of Iran destroyed communism in the world.  In 1982, Sadam, a communist leader of Iraq, attacked the southern part of Iran (oil fields) and although most of the Western countries were helping Sadam, courageous Shia youth in Iran with “Ya Hossein” bands on their foreheads defeated the Iraqi soldiers and the Western powers supporting Iraq.  After 8 years and one million martyred, Iran defeated Iraq, the Arab countries and the West.  This nonsense Sunni attack against a Shia country was unsuccessful and shameful for Sunni Iraq Army who were manipulated by the corrupt Western powers who wanted to destroy the first Shia Islamic Republic.  Which side did you support?


Arabia:  is the heart of our religion, our Mekka and Medina is there.  It must be a model government for all other Islamic countries.  Instead Arabia has a kingdom run by a bunch of unjust, corrupt, wealthy Arabs with no democracy, no election.  They oppress their own women (women are not allowed to drive their own car).  They oppress Muslims from all over the world.  A Pakistani Muslim man may work in Arabia for 30 years.  If he gets sick, he must go back to Pakistan for treatment.  Citizenship is not given to anyone who is not part of the kingdom family members.  We must have a free election, social justice and moral leadership for this Sunni country. 


Egypt:  A famous Muslim country run by a president who keeps electing himself every 6 years.  The previous president stayed in power until he was killed.  There are more cabarets, gambling houses, liquor stores and whorehouses in Egypt, Syria, Turkey and some other Islamic countries than there is in France (there are no cabarets, night clubs,  and alcohol is totally forbidden in Iran). 


What do we want?  We must remember the difference between Islam advocated by Mohammad/Ali and Islam practiced by Moavieh and Yazid.  For Islamic countries we want Islamic democracy, free election, social justice and moral leadership.  Thank God we are very powerful in America and we will become more powerful as times goes on. Inshaallah.  We must utilize this power and keep promoting Islamic democracy for Islamic countries and religious democracy for non-Muslim countries.  Social justice, and moral leadership is our motto.  We will be successful because Allah (SWT) is on our side.


Verily your Vali (leader, guardian, trustee) is Allah, Rassoul and Momeneen (believers)  those who pray and pay Zakat while in Roku (refers to Imam Ali who gave his ring as Zakat while in Roku) (Quran 5-55).


Those who depend on Allah, Rassoul and Momeneen, they are Hezballah, they are successful  (Quran 5-56).