We believe there are only 2 ways, Godís way or Shaytanís way.There are only two types of people, good and evil.Good people follow God and evil ones follow Shaytan.We cannot divide people based on race, religion, national of origin, gender, etc.There are many good Shias like Ayat Allahs and bad Shia like Pahlavi or Ghajar Shahs.There are good Sunnis like Shaykh Hisham and bad Sunnis like King Fahad.The same is true with Judaism and Christianity, there are good Jews and bad Jews.So we should know the person well and by their action, we can judge whether he is good or not.We should never judge people by their race, religion, nationality or ethnicity.


Who decides what is good and Godly, and what is bad and shaytani:For Muslims, what is said in the Quran is the basis of good or bad; Halal or Haram.†† Itis the same for Jews or Christians in Torah or Engil respectively.Therefore, we have 2 opposite points; 100% right and 100% wrong or 100% good and 100% evil, and various shades of gray between the two points.For Muslims, the person who is Momen and follows the Quran and 14 Masums as role model is an example of good and Godly.The example of evil are mass murderers like Hitler, Estalin, etc.There is no argument about it.People who are not Momen, but do not do anything wrong are second in rank.From the bottom, the next worst people are thieves, armed robbers and people convicted of major crimes.




When we are raising our children in America, the public school system is horrible because of secularism (separation of church and state), the School Boards cannot teach religion or morality in public schools.Therefore, our recommendation is private religious school; whether it be Islamic, Jewish or Christian.Our children must choose their friends from families who respect traditional family values.Their friends must come from families with two parents, preferably parents who do not smoke.Otherwise, the smokersí children easily learn to smoke, too and do not make good friends for your children.In addition, your children may be exposed to second hand smoke in their home.This is dangerous and these kids develop bronchitis, asthma, etc.Your childrenís friendsí family should not use alcohol and should not have wine or beer at home or serve alcohol at their parties.When teenagers see alcohol being served and is glamorized, it becomes a sign of success and respect, and that is a wrong message to give to teenagers.Please check your childrenís friends carefully.When you have children, your home should be clean from tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gambling, and also the home of their friends should be the same.Your childrenís friends should not come from families who gamble at home or go to gambling places such as Las Vegas for vacation.If we set these tough Godly standards for our community, then we may have hope that the rate of divorce, addiction to tobacco, alcohol, drugs and gambling will be reduced significantly.Otherwise,a society without Godis like a jungle where anything goes.The most powerful make the rules as they wish.




1.                 Good and Godly

2.                 14 Masums as role models:Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Fatima Zahra (RA), Imam Ali (RA) and the remaining 11 Imams.

3.                 Ayatallah as leader, rabbi, pope or priest as moral leaders.

4.                 Momen people:any religion who follow their books.

5.                 Believers who do not practice their religion because they are lazy.

6.                 Believers who practice their religion occasionally and sometimes use tobacco, alcohol, may gamble at times, may dance at times, and may wear non-Islamic clothing.

7.                 Believers who fight with their spouse, break up the family structure by divorce, and leave innocent divorce children at risk will be punished by Allah (SWT).




90. ††Non-believers, atheist, communist, humanist, gays, lesbians, abortionists.

91. ††Professional gamblers, people who make, sell, buy or use tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.

92. ††Casino and cabaret owners, people who promote Haram actions to make a living.

93. ††Prostitutes, belly dancers, adulterers, pornographers, liars and cheaters.

94. ††White collars crimes, drunk drivers, drug users, gangs, wife beaters,and child molesters.

95. ††Thieves, drug dealers, violent people outside prison.

96. ††Murderers, rapist, drug dealers in prison.

97. ††Mass murderers in prison.

98. ††Mass murderers, political leaders; Hitler, Istalin, Sadam, Melosovich, etc.

99. ††Bad and evil.