La Ela Ha El Allah

There is no God, but one God

Muhammad En Rasoul Allah

Muhammad is Prophet of God


Now you are a Muslim


A.                There is no God but one God:Means you should not obey any God except God Almighty.Do not become slave to anyone or anything, do not become a slave to money, luxury, job, position, beauty, modernity, science technology or even education.All of these are instruments for you to learn more about God, to obey God, and reach perfection.Then you will be successful in this life and youwill go to paradise in the life after death.


God is one, God is the greatest, and God has no gender.God is not limited to shape or form.God does not beget nor begotten.God is not like anything you can imagine (like a person who is born blind has no concept of the color red or green).God created the whole world and everything in it.God is just and fair.God will reward you for your good actions and God will punish you for your sins unless you repent immediately and not do it again.If God does not punish sinful acts, then he is not just.God is merciful and forgiving if you are obedient and humble.††† If you rebel against him, He is most strict.God is closer to you than your heart, God is everywhere.God is always watching you, nothing you do is hidden from God.This is the God you must love and obey.To learn more about God and what you should do, refer to the Quran, which is Godís final word and testament.


B.                Muhammad is the last Prophet of God.To establish justice and fairness on earth, God sent numerous prophets as role modelsand teachers for mankind, including Prophet Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ismael, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Jesus and Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of God be upon all of them). Therefore, you must obey God according to the Quran and follow the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a role model, and you will reach perfection.