Dear Brothers & Sisters:


In the last few years, we have had a lot of scientific evidence that treating a person should include treatment of body and soul.  There is a lot of evidence that a lonely person becomes depressed, and a depressed person has a higher mortality and morbidity rate from any given disease.  A happy person lives longer and better.


How do I combat loneliness, emptiness and depression?


Bring God back to your life.  Fill your heart with the love of God and family.  Go back to the temple, church or Masjid that you like.  There you can find good and Godly friends.  Call your family and friends today, invite them to your home (potluck, everyone brings their own food).  Keep the gatherings good and Godly with no smoking, no alcohol, no gambling.  Promote traditional family values, and save your children from tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gangs and violence.  Take the first steps.  God will give you strength and will lead you to the right path.  Do not doubt, do it now.


How do I gain spirituality?


Start praying and thanking God frequently for what you have.  Help other people, financially, if you can.  If you cannot financially, then smile at your fellow man, say “Hello” to them, and pray for their well being and happiness either audibly or in silence.  Get involved in your community.  Do volunteer work at the church, hospitals, school, nursing homes or anywhere you like.  Spirituality is when you love and obey God and God loves you and is pleased with your actions.  Spirituality is when you love everyone and everyone loves you.


Natural Therapy:


In the United States, herbs are sold as food supplements and there is no FDA or government approval or control.  As a scientist, we have 2 problems with herbal therapy:


1.                 Quality control:          When a seller claims this herb has so much of “X” substance that is good for “X” problem, how can we be sure he is right?    This problem is solved.  In Germany, herbs are sold by prescription only and the German FDA approves all herbal medicines and its label so if we buy herbal medicines made in Germany, then we are sure about its quality control and we know it is not harmful. 


2.          Efficacy:          When the seller tells us that the herbs are good for this disease, how do we know that the seller is correct?  This problem is solved too in Germany.  All the following herbs have been tested by universities in a scientific, double blind fashion so their efficacy is guaranteed and there are no known side effects.


St. John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum):

Good for mild to moderate depression. 

Mechanism  of Action:  Inhibits serotonin reuptake.

Dose:   300 mg. 3 times daily, no known side effects.



Good for upper respiratory infection, colds, flu. 

Mechanism of Action:  T. Cell activation, increase immune defense mechanism. 

Dose:   900 mg. daily for a week, not to be used for long term.


Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Repens): 

Good for benign prostatic hypertrophy,  similar to prascar, also an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.  No known side effects.

Dose:   320 mg. daily.


Gingko Biloba: 

Good for mild to  moderate dementia, memory improvement.

          Mechanism:  Improves vascular perfusion of the brain.

          Dose:  120 to 240 mg. daily.



Good for joint pain, arthritis (not a pain medication).

          Mechanism:  Improves joint remodeling.

          Dose:  500 mg. 3 times daily.


Herbal products made in Germany by “Nature’s Way” is all controlled and approved by the German FDA.  Other products which their quality or efficacy is not approved may be dangerous to your health.  Please discuss it with your medical doctor.

Reference:  Audiodigest Internal Medicine V47 Issue 1, Jan 7, 2000.