Dear Parents:


Child molestation, pre-marital sex, and homosexuality are rampant in America.One of the ways we can protect our children is to teach them about Mahram/Namahran and educate them while they are at ages 5-12.


Mahram:People who are close, immediate family like brother, sister, father, mother, uncle, aunt, grandparents.Mahram people cannot marry each other (except husband and wife are married and Mahram).Ladies do not have to have hejab (head cover) in front of Mahram members of the family.Doctors are Mahram to their patients during medical examination.


Namahram:Male and female who are not close family are Namahram to each other, therefore, they should not have any contact, no hand shaking, no touching, no hugging and definitely no kissing.It is embarrassing that in Islamic gatherings and occasions, we see strange boys and girls kiss each other on the cheek and hug as a gesture of friendship.This is a western culture and definitely not recommended in Islam.Please observe these etiquette especially in Islamic gatherings.If Mom and Dad do not shake hands with Namahram, our youth will not kiss a Namahram.


Being alone with a Namahram is not recommended for our boys and girls.Common expression is when a boy and girl are alone together, the third person joining them is Shaytan.These days in America even the boys or girls should not be alone together because of so much danger of homosexuality.Therefore, dating is Haram in Islam.


We must teach our kids not to take shower without their bathing suits with their friends even in school or college.It is Haram if you let a Namahram see your private parts of your body.It is haram if a Namahram touches you in your private parts, either boy or girl.This way we are educating our kids about child molesters who may be in school or at home as a babysitter.Even during swimming and playing closely in the water, touching and holding Namahram is Haram.If we teach our kids at age 7 then we do not have to worry about a 15 year old girl wrestling in a pool with a Namahram.


Bad and Evil:To live like westerners with a home contaminated with tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and gambling is Haram.Friendship with Godless and immoral people, kissing and hugging anybody who enters to a party, taking family to gambling places for vacation and raising your children in the hallways of casinos and cabarets is Haram.Husband and wife, each going their own way and having their own friends and parties, and having children raised by maids without parents and supervision is bad.Children follow their parentsí actions, not their words.Dating of boys and girls become impossible to avoid, an innocent dinner and movies soon may change to holding hands, kissing, sexual relations, venereal disease, multiple dates, staying out at nights, heavy make up, short dresses even bringing girlfriends or boyfriends home and sleeping together, bad marriages, and multiple divorces are eventual outcomes.Some unfortunate boys and girls may end up with severe sexual disease like gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, hepatitis, and AIDS and miserable death.




1.             Mahram/Namahram:Avoid touching Namahram unless it is absolutely necessary or vital.Follow Halal/Haram rules.


2.             Touching is bad:Male and female handshake is bad but hugging or kissing is Haram.


3.             Dating is bad:†† Dating male and female (without chaperone) is bad and should be prevented to protect the chastity of our youth.


4.             Sexual contact outside of marriage is Haram:You may agree that boys and girls could have sexual contact outside marriage, but preventing sexually transmitted disease becomes impossible to control.A broken family is a natural consequence.


5.             Total sexual freedom:Boys and girls are not free to have sexual contact, adultery and fornication is Haram.Sexually transmitted diseases and broken family is the price you pay for this freedom and rebel against God.


Islamic position is no touching of Namahram.Touching in the form of a handshake is in the gray zone, but hugging, kissing or holding hands with Namahram is Haram.


As parents, it is your choice now where to draw the line at stage 1, 2, or 3 and face the consequences.