List of Our Books and Tapes

Educate your children about Islam and save their souls and their future.


A.                 Audiotapes in English for our youth

1.                 Prophetís Life Story

2.                 Imam Hosseinís Revolution

3.                 The Murder of Imam Hussayn, an epic poem 5 hrs. tape ($25)

4.                 Islamic Principles with music for children

5.                 Quran in Arabic & English translation (40 tapes- $60)

6.                 Quran in Arabic & Farsi translation (32 tapes - $50)

B.                 Audiotapes in Farsi for Grandparents

1.                 Rozeh Zaynab & Ashura

2.                 Khoonameh Hossein

3.                 Doa Komail Ė Azan

4.                 Madh Ali

C.                Islamic books in English for our youth

1.                 Quran with Arabic & English translation

2.                 Prophetís Life Story

3.                 Prophetís Hadith

4.                 Imam Aliís Nahjul Balagheh

5.                 Imam Aliís Life Story

6.                 Life Story of the 14 Infallables

7.                 Imam Hosseinís Story

8.                 Shia/Sunniís Debate by Shaykh Tijani, Then I was Guided, Ask those who know

9.                 Imamat (moral leadership)

10.             Ghadir Khom

11.             Fatima Zahraís Life Story

12.             Salman Farciís Life Story

13.             Islam at a Glance

14.             Islamic Identity

15.             Doa Komail

16.             Ketab Al Irshad Shaykh Mofid

17.             Truth About the Bible & Quran

D.††††††† Islamic Clothing

1.                 Islamic T-Shirts (ďIslam is the SolutionĒ on the back), Size M, L, XL - $5

2.                 Islamic white dress shirt (no collar, no neck tie), Size M, L, XL - $20


All books and tapes are by donation or gifts of $5.00

Also has $5 shipping & handling charges

Please make your check to ICBH and send it today.Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.