Our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) died in 11 AH (633 CE).  During his 23 years of  Resalat (prophethood), he was Khalifeh (president),  and Imam (Wali, religious leader),  and Arabia  had Islamic government after his death. 


Omar nominated Abobakr as Khalifeh and took Bayat (pledge of cooperation) for him from everyone (Ali and Fatima did not give Bayat for awhile).  Abobakr became Khalifeh with the power of military.  Ali was Imam (religious leader) without military power.  Abobakr died in 13 AH and chose Omar as his successor.


Omar was a powerful Khalifeh for 11 years.  He conquered Roman and Persian empires and was killed in 24 AH.  Osman became the 3rd Khalifeh and was killed by a riot in 35 AH. 


People elected Ali Ibn Abitalib (RA) as a 4th Khalifeh and once again, the 4th Khalifeh and first Imam (Wali) was the same person with military power, representing Allah and the people.  Ali (RA) fought with Moavieh, the son of Abo Sofyan, corrupt governor of Surieh,  without success.    Ali (RA) was martyred in 21, Ramazan 40 AH.


Imam Hassan (RA) became our second Imam.  He did not want to fight with Moavieh, they had temporary peace, Imam Hassan was the second Imam and Moavieh became the 5th Khalifeh.  Moavieh was corrupt, very tricky and finally, by his order, Imam Hassan (RA) was poisoned (50 AH).


Our 3rd Imam and Wali was Imam Hossein (RA).  He was born in 4 AH and was raised  by our Beloved Prophet (PBUH).  His father was Imam Ali (RA),  and his mother was Fatima Zahra (RA), and became Imam in 50 AH. 


Imam Hossein was very pious, extremely courageous and uncompromising.  He was the true protector of Islam, the Quran and traditions of Prophet (PBUH).  He was a real role model for all Muslims.  In the year 60 AH, Moavieh died and appointed his corrupt son, Yazid, as the 6th Khalifeh.  Imam Hossein (RA) could not tolerate seeing the Khalifat changing to kingdom and monarchy.  Khalifeh Yazid was a corrupt, alcoholic, womanizer, very cruel and unjust.  Imam Hossein (RA)d did not give Bayat to Yazid and continued “Amre Be Maroof and Nahi Az Monkar”, promoting good deeds and forbidding evil deeds.  Yazid’s army in Karbela in 10th of Moharam 61 AH martyred Imam Hossein (RA) and 72 members of his family and friends.


Imam Hossein (RA) died for establishing social justice and pious leadership.  He died for freedom and human rights. He proved that few people on the right path could triumph over an army of wrongdoers.  The same issues are true today too for a Momen person.  Everywhere is Karbela and everyday is Ashora.


Verily, your Wali (leader) is Allah, Rassoul and Momeneem (pious).  Momeneem are those who establish prayer and pay zakat even during Roku (Imam Ali)  (Quran 5-55).


Those who depend on Allah, Rasoul and Momeneem, they are Hezballah and they will triumph.  (Quran 5-56)


May Allah (SWT) bless you and your honorable family.