American foreign policy should be based on fairness and justice for all God’s children all over the world.


1.                 Military Power:  America has enough atomic power to destroy the world 50 times over so we do not have to worry about any country attacking our borders.  Let’s cut back on military expenditure and, instead, build our schools, hospitals and our community.


2.                 Democracy Under God:  “In God We Trust” should be our guide in dealing with other countries.  We must support democracy, human rights, free election, morality and traditional family values all over the world.  We must not support corrupt dictators who destroy their own people to get close to America.


3.                 United Nation (UN) and International Court of Law (ICL):  We must support the United Nations and ICL.  We must not allow any criminals like Pinoshe, Melosovic or Saddam Hussein to run away from justice and hide anywhere in the world.  We must support the UN as a police force for the free world.  The UN should have its own army to interfere to establish peace in the world.  We must never allow injustices against people like in Palestine, Bosnia, Kosova, and Chechnia to happen again. 


4.                 We must encourage free trade, open market economy and we must fight against child labor, low wages, inhumane working conditions in developing countries who have contracts with American companies.   Wal-Mart, Nike, Kathy Lee, and many other big American companies go to Bangladesh, Indonesia or Africa to hire children, 8-10 years old, for 5 cents/hour wages to produce products that will be sold all over the world with huge profits.  This practice is inhumane, unjust and we should not tolerate that.  Any products we buy we must ask:  Where was it made?  How much per hour were the laborers paid?  Was any child labor involved?  We must have free access to their factories to show the world the working conditions. 


We must use “In God We Trust” as our guide to deal with other people.  Globalization should not give us a license to destroy the rest of the world.