Say “La Ela Ha El Allah”, There is no God but one “God Almighty”.

“Mohammad Rasoul Allah”, Mohammad is God’s last prophet.


Now you are a Muslim, obedient to God, a member of 1.2  billion Muslim communities all over the world.   Islam is a 1400-year-old religion.  As a Muslim, you must follow these steps:                                                                       


A.               You must do your “Vagebat” (obligatory duties) first.                             Answer

1.      5 daily prayers on time, prayer in group are encouraged. YES  NO


2.      Pay charity - 2.5% of your income, whatever it is.               YES  NO


3.      Fast in the month of Ramadan.                                             YES  NO


4.      Pilgrimage to Hajj once in your lifetime.                               YES  NO


5.      Encouraging good deeds and forbidding evil deeds.                  YES  NO

          Amre Be Marof – Nah Ye Az Monker


6.      Jihad (struggle) in the path of God and self purification.    YES  NO


7.                Obey Halal (allow) and Haram (forbidden) rules.                 YES  NO

Tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gambling is Haram.  Eating pork,

Nudity, adultery, stealing, cheating, lying, using foul is



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B.               Now you must do your “Mustahabat” (preferred good deed).      Please      


1.                Additional prayer whenever you can or when you need      YES  NO

more help from God.

          2.      Fasting Mondays and Thursdays, whenever possible.                 YES  NO

                 3.      Giving charity, helping other people, loving everyone,        YES  NO

                 even your enemies, being a role model for others.

4.                Zikr Allah (remembering God) as much as possible,                   YES  NO

especially after each prayer.

5.                Doa (supplication) to God for everything you have,            YES  NO

Especially Doa Komail Thursday evenings.

6.                Ziarat (visiting) tombs of Prophets and various Imams.               YES  NO

7.                Safaat (Intercession) asking Prophet and Imam to intercede      YES  NO

for your forgiveness from God, if you are pious.

8.                Promoting Islam in your family and in your community.      YES  NO

9.                Seeking knowledge from cradle to grave.                                     YES  NO

10.    Al Hamd U Lel Allah = Constantly thanking God for his      YES  NO

          blessings like, ability to walk and talk, see and hear.

11.    Following Sunnat of Rasoul Allah and keeping it alive                  YES  NO

(beard, head cover, long, loose clothing, good



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