America is falling apart from the inside.Drug, alcohol, gangs, and violence has affected everyone.The family structure is destroyed, divorce is up to 90% and the family values are lost.We have no personal security due to gangs, violence, school shootings and arm robberies.How do we turn things around?We suggest the following 3 steps:


A.               Family Values:We must invite all good and Godly families to join together to promote family values in America.We must strive for social justice (ADL) and moral leadership (IMAMAT).Without moral leaders we cannot attain justice and peace.We must speak out against tobacco, alcohol, gambling, nudity, prostitution, divorce and illicit drugs.†† We must unite all good and Godly families under the flag of traditional family values and choose our leaders who love and respect these values.


B.               Interfaith Discussion:We must continue our effort in interfaith discussion and increase understanding and cooperation among all religious families.Presently, a lot of Jewish youths who cannot agree with all the injustices in the Jewish community, become atheists when they see how Israel is violating human rights principals against Palestine in the name of the Jewish state.When they see that the Jewish community does not allow anybody to become Jewish and say you must be a Jew from your motherside by 7 generations before, you are considered a good Jew.When they see that some Jews consider themselves as chosen people because of their ethnicity not because of the message of God.When they see that some of their religious leaders do not believe in the Day of Judgement or some believe that all Jews go to heaven automatically because they are ethnically chosen people, when Jewish youth cannot comprehend these discrepancies, they become atheists and anti-religious.If they know more about Islam, they will embrace Islam as the Jews in Arabia and Iran did in the last 1400 years.


Presently, millions of Christian youths who cannot understand todayís Christianity become atheists and anti-religious.They cannot understand Trinity, how God needs to have a son, why Jesus never said He is the son of God and He always said he is son of man.How could God sacrifice his own son to wash our sins?This is an encouragement for men to commit more sin.They see that their religion has had no impact in reducing crime, corruption and addiction to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gambling, prostitution and divorce in their community.Nowadays they become atheist and anti-religious, but if they learn more about Islam, they may embrace Islam and that is good for America.


C.               Intrafaith Debate:In addition to interfaith, we should have intrafaith discussion and debate between Shia and Sunni.Muslim youths cannot prove to the West that although Islam has the best moral standards,how come we do not have even one Islamic country with democracy, human rights, and free election that the Quran advocates.Iran is the only Islamic country that 50% of people voted and the President-elect finished his term and gave up the presidency to a new elected President without a fight.How come in all Sunni Muslim countries, presidents do not leave their office before they are either killed or overthrown.We must educate our youth that true, original Islam is Shia Islam.Shia has social justice (ADL) and moral leadership (Imamat) as principle of the religion.


After 1400 years now in America, for the first time we can debate Shia and Sunni like 2 brothers without the fear of persecution.Our youth should know enough about Shia and Sunni so they could make rational decisions.We do not need to change our name tag in case we need to go back to the mother country, but we could join hands together and promote Islamic democracy, human rights, and family values.We must join hands and promote Islamic democracy, human rights, and free election in our mother country.Only in Shia Islam Imam Hossein stood up for justice and was martyred by the 6th Khalifeh (Yazid Ibn Moavieh).For 1400 years we have had 2 Islam, one corrupt, unjust Islam of Yazid and two real Islam of oppressed people like Imam Hossein (RA).With this standard, we must judge all Islamic countries and now we can see all, countries except Iran is Islam Yazidi with no free election, no justice, and corrupt rich leaders.They oppress women and children, and they have destroyed Islamís reputation in the world.Letís learn more about true Shia Islam based on the Quran and 14 Massums as role models and use that standard to judge Islamic government.†† In America, we should work together to promote social justice and moral leadership.


We can understand an Afghani youth in America who hides his Muslim identity and denies being Muslim from Afghanistan, when he sees a Taliban group destroying Afghanistan reputation and Afghani people cannot even defend themselves, when he sees Aghanistan become the main source of Opium, and Heroin production in the world.


We can understand a Pakistani youth who hides his Muslim identity and denies being a Muslim from Pakistan when he cannot understand in the 21st century how come a general is able to do a quodeta in Pakistan and take over the government and jail an elected president and more than 100 million people cannot even have demonstration for Islamic Democracy.


We can understand an Arab youth in America when he denies his Islamic identity and becomes an atheist and anti-Islamic when he cannot explain injustices in Arabia, Egypt and other Arab countries, why there is no democracy or free election, why these Muslim leaders have such bad human rights records.We propose they do not know what is true Islam.True Islam is based on the Quran as the constitution and 14 Massums as role models.Ifa society is not just, free and democratic, that society is not Godly and must be changed.Islamic government must follow the pattern of Mohammad (PBUH) and Aliís (RA) government.Muslim leaders must follow Mohammad and Ali as role models then our problems will be solved.