Faith and family value wins 4 more years for President Bush and Republican Party. More than 120 million people went to cast their vote on November 2, 2004, highest turn out in history of U.S. President Bush won with a landslide, close to 4 million more votes than Mr. Kerry. In 11 states, Americans voted to ban gay marriage. Most important of issues of elections were 1 - Morality, 2 - Economy, 3 - Iraq.


Americans are religious people. More than 85% believe in God and majority go to church, temple and masjid regularly. Americans trust President Bush because he is religious, honest and a family man. Americans trust President Bush because he is pro-business and he is able to produce jobs by cutting taxes for everyone. Americans trust that President Bush will establish democracy in Iraq. Now that Europeans know President Bush will stay another 4 years, they will cooperate with U.S. Criminals in Iraq also know that in the next 4 years, Iraqi government, with support of America, will establish democracy and will destroy the rebels. Ayatullah Sistani supports election in Iraq in January 2005. Therefore, majority of the Shia in Iraq will obey the election results. Minority Sunni and Saddam supporters and Arab terrorists will give up their effort to create chaos in Iraq. Republican majority in Senate and Congress increased in this election. Senator Tom Daschle, Democratic Leader even could not be re-elected in his own state.


In the next 4 years, 2 or 3 judges of Supreme Court will retire and new judges must be appointed by President Bush. God willing, the new judges will be more conservative and family oriented. God willing, gay marriage will be banned. Abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy will be banned, and abortion before 6 weeks will be a medical decision between husband and wife and their doctors. Hopefully, abortion on demand will be banned. Hopefully, abortion as means of birth control will be banned. Hopefully, girls less than 18 years old will not be able to have abortion without parental consent or husband consent.


Compassionate Conservatives will have prayer in school. Hopefully, we will have voucher system for religious schools to train our next generation. Hopefully, tax laws will be changed to favor the family. Hopefully, low income families will be exempt from income tax (family of 4 making less than $30,000 per year should not pay any income tax). Hopefully, "minimum wage" will be increased to $7 or $8 per hour and called "living wage". Hopefully, government jobs with $8/hour will be available for any American who wants to work.


Health Care There are 40 million uninsured in America. We can cover hem by the following plan:


A = Medicare should cover everyone after the age of 50 and everyone with chronic disease like diabetes, hypertension, emphysema, etc.


B = Medicaid must cover everyone who makes less than $1000 per month and has less than $10,000 asset excluding primary place of resident.


C = All other people can deduct insurance premium, doctors and medication bill from their taxable income.


D = To pay for this extensive health coverage, either national sales tax or income tax sur charge for people or corporation who make more than $100,000 per year as taxable income.


Church and Political Activity We are fully aware that 501(C3) nonprofit, tax exempt corporations are not allowed to (A) donate funds to political parties and (B) are not allowed to encourage voting for any political candidate. But churches are allowed to invite various politicians from both parties to give lecture and educate the members of their community. Churches are allowed to talk about issues, good policies and bad policies. The best example is AME Church that has invited all the presidents, senators and congressmen (and congresswomen) to come and give lecture, educate people or do fundraising for the church.